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About NEXTAFF Staffing Services in Overland Park, KS

NEXTAFF works with professional businesses seeking to hire and retain quality talent. Our approach is to find companies seeking to move from a staffing supplier model to a partnership model.

What we find are business owners and leaders that are concerned with spending too much time on government and payroll regulations, not being able to recruit quality employees, or simply just not having the expertise and techniques to maximize productivity from their existing employees.

NEXTAFF helps companies maximize and benefit from strategic workforce planning and a is true strategic partner.

Our office can excel in all areas of recruiting and hiring.  We also have a special niche in sales talent recruiting.

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NEXTAFF Overland Park Team Bios

Dean Griswold – Branch Manager of NEXTAFF Overland Park

Dean Griswold has worked in the Kansas City market and surrounding areas for over 20 years. With his experience in the Staffing Industry the Verticals he has focused on are Light industrial, Information Technology, Engineering and Healthcare. Dean has worked with many fortune 500 companies in the area of delivering complex transformation projects and assisting clients in creating technology vision and direction. He specializes in identifying, assessing, and managing the right team to provide extra ordinary results and success. A strong believer and maintainer of positive thinking in the workplace, Dean regularly coaches and builds activities to assist employees to uplift their involvement, productivity, and skills. Along with his experience, Dean Graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Penn State University. He has recognized a growing need for staffing with both businesses and the public. While working with his clients, Dean recognized a growing trend that many businesses consider their most daunting challenge to be finding quality employees. He also knows that many potential employees are not aware of the best opportunities available to them. After extensive research on staffing agencies, Dean is excited to join the growing family of Nextaff. He is confident that, as a local Branch Manager of the Overland Park, KS Branch, and with the support of a national company that they offer, He will make a positive impact on both businesses in the Greater Kansas City region as well as the people who are looking for job opportunities within the area. With the use of the proprietary X-FACTOR method, developed by Nextaff to best match people and jobs, He is excited and committed to helping businesses and people in his region. He will help businesses become more efficient and more profitable by offering an array of staffing and employment solutions to overcome their staffing obstacles, and he will help candidates find the jobs that best fit their abilities.