Laredo Paint

Laredo Paint expresses our gratitude to the entire team at Nextaff of Laredo. We truly appreciate their dedication to finding the right fit for our organization. Throughout the hiring process, we have consistently been impressed by their professionalism, efficiency, and genuine care for both candidates and clients. Working with such a top-notch agency has been a pleasure, and we highly recommend their services to others. Keep up the fantastic work!

Tammy M.

Everything went remarkably well. Very successful event, and Nextaff made it so easy. All your temps were very friendly, professional.

-Tammy M.

Foxmark Commercial Graphic Solutions, Nextaff of SW Houston Client

I strongly recommend Jerry Yu to be the recipient of Nextaff Franchise Employee of the Year. I am VP of Manufacturing at Foxmark, a commercial graphics solution company in Katy, Texas, and I have had the pleasure of having Jerry work for me as the Inventory Clerk for the past 100 days. Jerry has shown a passion for his job that is a joy to see in the workplace. He is a highly motivated, hard-working individual who consistently arrives on time and shows great dedication to get his job done in an organized fashion and on time.

-Jason P., VP of Manufacturing


Colliers Pinckard, Nextaff Raleigh Client

I wanted to take this opportunity to write and let you know how thrilled we are to have you and Beth to call on when we are in need of personnel help – whether it be for temporary, temp-to-hire, or to payroll a candidate for us. Ronnie and Chloe are working out so well, as have all of the employees you have provided Colliers Pinkard with. The quality and caliber of the individuals you have sent me along with the professionalism and excellent follow-up skills are just a couple of the reasons why NEXTAFF is my primary (and sole!) staffing provider. I can”t thank you enough for sending me such great candidates!

I also want to let you know that your marketing efforts are cute and actually they are the reason why I initially called you. You have dropped by with some very clever promotions and you and Beth are always so friendly and easy to work with.

I look forward to a continued and long partnership. Again, many thanks for all that you and Beth do!

-Carol B., HR/Office Manager

Hartson-Kennedy Cabinet Top Company, Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

Hartson-Kennedy Cabinet Top Company began developing a relationship with Nextaff Gulf Coast many months ago. Before being introduced to Nextaff, we were utilizing services from another local agency.

Nextaff Representative, Ash-Leigh Stevens, was extremely informative and conveyed the feeling that Nextaff wanted to partner with us and assist us with all of our staffing needs. We formed a bond due to the level of care and genuine good will we felt Nextaff conveyed towards our company. We knew that if we received this level of service, before we had ever “officially” done business, that actually doing business with them would be a joy.

Therefore, the very next time a staffing need arose, we were thrilled to be able to use their services and we are pleased to say that we were absolutely right in our assumption. Nextaff listened to our needs and presented wonderful candidates for us to choose from. They were always friendly, respectful and professional while navigating us through their processes and it was always effortless to do business with them.

Their candidates resulted in Hartson and Kennedy filling the position with a talented, qualified individual whose personality traits and work ethic fits perfectly into our company.

We strongly recommend Nextaff to any business who wants a competitive edge on finding the talent they seek.

-Linda L., Director of Human Resources

Hughes Pittman & Gupton, LLP, Nextaff Raleigh Client

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful service I have received from your company over the past year. It was a rocky start for me as I relocated to Raleigh, started a new job, and was getting blindsided by numerous vendors in the area all wanting me to be a client. Your approach was very professional as well as supportive. You clearly understood our company culture and served as a wonderful sounding board when I needed a confidential resource.

You have not only helped me professionally with the top notch talent you provide, but also personally with your individual and sincere attention. I appreciate knowing you are both in my corner and that if a business need arises no matter how complex or how last minute you will give 120% to help me meet my objectives, even if that means you don’t make a dime on the resolution.

I highly value our relationship and look forward to continued opportunities to work together.

-Sharon C., Director of Human Resources

Hutchinson Law Group, Nextaff Raleigh Client

During the time we’ve worked with you, each of you along with your entire staff have consistently demonstrated what great client service is all about. Everyone there makes it a top priority to be responsive and follow-up appropriately when we contact your office. We always know exactly what the status is on any job orders or requests we’ve presented to you. On the rare occasion when the news may not be exactly what we wanted to hear, your staff does an excellent job of communicating with us and offering other ideas for a resolution.

Early on, you both took the time to meet with us and really listened and learned what our firm’s culture was all about. You “get it” and have a good understanding of what makes us tick and which candidates would be most comfortable in our work setting. This goes a long way to making a temp position or direct hire position an easy adjustment on all parties. The candidates you’ve introduced to us also tell us how respectful you are of them and how well you match them up with appropriate work environments based on their needs.

You’ve definitely got all the right things happening there at Nextaff! It’s a joy to work with you and we have the utmost confidence in your ability to assist us with our staffing needs. We look forward to a long and successful business relationship with you!

-Lauri O., Director of Human Resources

ISA, Nextaff Raleigh Client

Nextaff, thank you for being you! Nextaff Staffing Agency is a staffing agency like no other and my only source for ISA’s temporary staffing needs. Your professionalism, friendliness, and quality of service definitely exceed other like agencies.

Your uniqueness is because you are involved in the daily business operations. You are eager to make each assignment work for both the company the temp is working with and the temp. You take the time to know the company, their culture and place candidates accordingly. You are great at communicating any last minute changes and have great follow up.

I have not had an unpleasant experience over the past 2 years, because of your high level of service, great temps and your fun positive attitudes. I look forward to working with you in the future and would highly recommend your services to both people looking for a position or for people trying to fill a position.
Keep up the great work! You are great!

-Marie O., PHR

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Inc., Nextaff Raleigh Client

I have worked with Rachel Reynolds and Beth Klatt with Nextaff for the past three years when hiring executive-level administrative assistants. They visited my office and talked with me at length about what skill set and personality I was seeking, something their competitors didn’t often do. Shortly after they returned to their office, they began submitting resumes for my review. I wouldn’t say that they submitted the most resumes when I compare them to their competitors, but they did submit the ones that hit closest to the mark. I felt like they really listened to what I’d said and understood the type of person who would be not only successful in the position but also happy.

Another area where they excelled was in their responsiveness. The first time I worked with them, the job market was quite different. Candidates could get snapped up quickly, so recruiters needed to set up interviews and check references and job histories very quickly. Beth and Rachel understood that and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I didn’t lose candidates. In my latest experience with them in a job market that favors the employers, I feel like they were doing the same thing for the candidates.

I will definitely be using Nextaff to help with my future staffing needs.

-Paula A., Operations Supervisor & Senior Brokerage Assistant

McDonald’s USA, Nextaff Raleigh Client

For the past couple of years I have relied on you and your staffing company to assist in fulfilling the demanding staffing needs of the company I represent. During this time I have continually been impressed by your level of professionalism, your complete honesty, and your concern about my company and its
challenges. I have learned in the time we have worked together that I can always count on you to “get the job done with excellence” through one phone call. This allows me, as the Regional Human Resources Consultant, to get back to my busy HR world knowing that we are great hands. Both of you always make me smile with your ever-so pleasant demeanor and fun sense of humor. As you know. I worked in the staffing industry for several years and I know how tough the business can be, but the two of you make it look easy.

I look forward to many, many more years of outstanding service. If you have any prospective company that is looking for a staffing provider please have them call me or show them this testimonial letter.

-Kevin D., Regional Human Resources Consultant

North Carolina Department of Transportation, Nextaff Raleigh Client

For the past nine years I have had the responsibility to staff positions at times with temporary employees. There are several staffing agencies that we have done business with over these past few years. However, none have been as responsive or professional as has the local Nextaff office.

Whenever we needed any assistance with anything Nextaff was always responsive, professional, timely in their actions, and most reasonable in their fees. Their desire to serve, coupled with their willingness to do whatever was needed to satisfy the customer’s needs are exemplary traits and most desired when doing business. They are considerate of both client and employee needs in all aspects of the work relationship. They screen and test prospective employees resulting in a talent pool unequaled in the area.

Nextaff provides leadership and a willingness to serve whenever needs arise. They consistently go out of their way to establish solid, professional working relationships and continue same with clients even when no temporary requirements exist.

For the past 35 years l have had, at various times, the responsibility to provide staffing on temporary bases. I have never had better responsiveness, more professionalism, or a better relationship with any other agency as I have had with Nextaff. They are professionals in every sense of the word and provide world class service.

-Christopher L., Business Officer

NEXTAFF of Gulf Coast Client

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nextaff. Ash-Leigh Stevens is our Nextaff sales representative and has been very helpful in offering and explaining the Nextaff services to our growing business. Every time I have tried to reach Ash-Leigh, Amber, Mickey or Julie, they have been available to answer and address any questions.

It has been a pleasure working with the entire Gulfport, MS Nextaff organization. They have recommended and presented competent candidates for our business’ open job positions. The candidates they have recommended consistently meet our specific needs.

The Nextaff job posting services have resulted in our finding excellent employees. In addition, we have a Nextaff contract employee currently working with us and we are very pleased with his performance. Nextaff goes the extra mile to ensure all issues have been addressed and that we are aware of our options.
We look forward to a continued relationship with Nextaff.

-Karen C., Human Resources Manager

Ports America, Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

Nextaff Gulf Coast has filled a position within our corporation and did an excellent job finding the perfect match for us. The candidate became a full time employee, has been with us now for a considerable amount of time and has proven to be a valuable asset. In fact, after discovering, firsthand, how capable and talented she was, we bestowed a raise on her in a very short amount of time.

We also enlist Nextaff services to find “difficult to fill” positions and are pleased to announce that we receive quality candidates from them on a regular basis.
We recommend Nextaff for any Human Resource need and/or to fill any position from entry level, to executive.

-Chuck G., Director of Engineering

The Rural Center, Nextaff Raleigh Client

I have had the pleasure of knowing both Rachel and Beth for many years now, and would highly recommend their services at Nextaff. They have always come through for us here at the North Carolina Rural Center. Providing quality staffing personnel sometimes at a moments notice, we currently have Nicole Sue here working with the Communications Department. Nicole has chipped in and helped with so many projects here, and if I may quote Elaine, “she is smart and delightful to work with”…and I have to agree. We are very fortunate to have her here. Thank you Rachel and Beth for always sending your best clients to us. We look forward to many year of calling on NEXTAFF for our staffing needs.

-Patty E., Office Manager

Select Administrative Services, Nextaff Gulf Coast Employer

I would like to thank you and your staff for your assistance in helping me find the best candidate for a Customer Service representative. The person you recommended has done an excellent job.

I highly recommend Employers to utilize Nextaff for their employee search.

-Donna A., Customer Service Manager

Wells Fargo Capital Finance

Wells Fargo Capital Finance (“WFCF”) and Nextaff, LLC (“Nextaff’) have a financial funding relationship. Over the course of this agreement, Nextaff has remained in good standing and made all payments due on time and in accordance with the agreement. This relationship has been in place since August 20, 2010 and will remain in effect as long as the account is in good standing.

Based upon WFCF’s due diligence and review, WFCF has provided a $2,000,000 credit facility to Nextaff. Furthermore, the level of this facility can be increased if the new business secured by Nextaff warrants such an increase and such new business meets WFCF’s prior approval.

-Jacquelyn M., Wells Fargo Capital Finance Staffing Services Group

Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence Inc., Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Nextaff Gulf Coast for assisting our organization with our staffing and recruiting needs. We recently utilized their services in a search for a Licensed Counselor for our Children. We had searched on our own for some time and been unable to find the right candidate for such a critical position. Once Nextaff began their search they were able to locate a candidate with the experience and personality that was exactly what we were looking for in a Counselor. We hired the Nextaff Candidate and she has been very successful in the position.

The Nextaff staff has excellent follow up and the owner, Amber Olsen, maintains personal involvement throughout the process to ensure the success of the search assignment. Ms. Olsen has been very sensitive to our status as a small, private, nonprofit agency and has gone beyond our expectations on several occasions.
Nextaff Gulf Coast has assisted our organization with other Human Resource related services and we would not hesitate to use them again should the need arise. We look forward to a continued partnership with Nextaff in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone.

-Sandra M., Executive Director

WG Yates and Sons Construction Company, Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

WG Yates & Sons Construction Company has utilized Nextaff for the past several months. Nextaff provided us with exactly what we requested based on qualifications and a personality and work ethic match for our Office & Field needs. They were timely, professional and paid great attention to detail while conducting their search. When WG Yates had exhausted several other avenues searching for contract labor & office staff needs, we found that Nextaff was more than willing to take the time and effort to provide WG Yates & Sons Construction Company whatever it took to get the job done.

We knew that this specific personnel request would be much more challenging than any because there were many unseen variables in place. We needed office personnel and a cleanup crew. The amount of people needed changed daily. Each person had to be granted access to the military base and pass a complete background check, and they worked on badging well ahead of time so as not to delay Yates production well before they were even able to begin the job. In order to gain entry, they had to have a clean background, reliable transportation and insurance on their vehicles. They also needed proper safety equipment and attire, which they provided, and made sure our safety requirements were met.

Nextaff did an excellent job filling our needs where all other agencies failed. Nextaff found and obtained quality employees for The Seabee Base and Nextaff Staff continues to maintain great working relationships with all superintendents to ensure the quality of their employees work met all our needs.

We recommend Nextaff for any required position and trust they will meet and exceed your expectations, whether it be Executive, Administrative, Skilled or Unskilled labor. They have proven to be versatile, responsive and a very valuable asset to Yates Construction. We currently have a “hassle-free” Nextaff crew operating on one of our job sites and will add more Nextaff employees as our needs arise. Nextaff Gulf Coast is a reliable organization and we look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.

-Wendy W., Office Manager

Yonkers Industries, Nextaff Raleigh Client

Our company has been utilizing the services of your Raleigh office since its opening in January, 2008 and can not begin to describe our satisfaction with the services rendered. The staff has not only been extremely helpful but has fit in as an extension to our HR Department. They go beyond filling a position. Rachel, Beth, and their staff have taken the time and effort to thoroughly learn our industry as well as the culture of Yonkers Industries, Inc. The Raleigh staff members continue to strive to find qualified candidates to fit our company needs as well as eager to embrace new opportunities that we may throw their way.

-Danielle B, HR Manager
-Shannon F, Accounting Manager

Bay Technical Associates Incorporated, Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

Bay Technical Associates Incorporated has experienced a lasting business relationship with Nextaff Gulf Coast and has utilized their services in many capacities throughout our corporation.

We are pleased to announce that Nextaff has consistently provided us with talented, professional and highly qualified applicants and candidates throughout our interaction with them. Nextaff saves us time and money and has definitely become a strategic business partner. When we have a staffing need, we know that we don’t have to undergo hours of eliminating non-applicable resumes, run costly ads or feel pressured due to turnover costs. We simply call Nextaff and have talented individuals hand delivered to us. We know that the position will be filled correctly and we love the fact that we have a guarantee that, if that particular employee doesn’t fit our needs, Nextaff will replace them at no additional cost or obligation from us.

Working with the representatives of Nextaff is always a pleasure. :’J”exlaff Representative, Ash-Leigh Stevens, visits frequently and the office staff is always swiftly responsive and effective at handling any situation that may arise.

Nextaff does such a great job at finding the talent that we need, that we have even hired some of their candidates that we originally placed in a temporary capacity. We recommend Nextaff services to anyone who believes that people are your greatest asset and wants to employ individuals that can perform on a level that will help your business grow.

-Lynn H. – Director of Human Resources

Kristie G, Nextaff Raleigh Employee

The Nextaff team is awesome! They far exceeded my expectations and I feel that they went above and beyond during the entire hiring process. I first spoke with Jacob when I called Nextaff inquiring about a position that was posted online. He was extremely nice and took the time to ask me some questions about my work experience. He told me he would give my resume and information to one of the recruiters, Brittany, who followed up with me that same day. I came in the very next day and interviewed with Brittany. She was so sweet and very helpful! She told me she and the staff would get working on my profile right away to start sending out to companies. Within less than a week, they matched me with a position and company that has turned out to be a perfect fit! Rachel was so helpful and accommodating as well. She communicated with me about the specific job and gave me some tips about my resume and my upcoming interview, which made me feel more confident and ready for the interview. I also corresponded with Stephanie who gave me all the information and guidelines I needed upon starting my new position. She even followed up with me to see how things were going. I was very impressed with Nextaff and their professionalism, their eagerness and willingness to help me, their constant communication with me during the process, and their accommodating and hospitable spirits. I have gone through a few other staffing agencies, but Nextaff is by far the best one I have encountered. I am very grateful for their service!

-Kristie G – Former NEXTAFF Employee who went permanent on our client payroll

Donna M, Nextaff Raleigh Client

Being a full service staffing and recruiting agency, Nextaff has been able to provide solutions for my employee life cycle needs. The owners, Beth and Rachel, are competent, professional, and extremely accessible and reliable. They have successfully built a staff that shares these same characteristics. I highly recommend Nextaff.

-Donna M. – Director of Human Resources

The Home Center, Nextaff Raleigh Client

Working with Nextaff for the past 15 years has given us some great caliber of employees.   The staff at Nextaff takes the time to understand our business and personnel needs.  We would recommend Nextaff to anybody looking to find employees.

-Aime T – Vice President of The Home Center


Chris, Nextaff North Dallas Employee

I had a great experience with Nextaff.

The technical recruiters were pleasant and efficient!

They found me a great Tech position and I’d love to work with them in the future.


Olawale O., Nextaff North Dallas Client

Working with Nextaff was an easy and professional process and has helped further my career goal in the Tech Industry. I never for once had any issues with the Nextaff team as I have had with other agencies. The application, interview and hiring process was prompt and easy with no hiccups or issues at all. I look forward to working with them again in the future.


-Olawale O.

Aubrey, Nextaff Des Moines Client

I just want to tell you guys, You have a GEM of a worker with Mykel. I don’t know if you guys do anything special for employees who go above and beyond, but this girl deserves some praise.  Mykel brought in blankets as gifts for our residents on Christmas day. I want to thank you both for sending such an amazing girl our way. It has been so great to have her here with us, helping us out.

Thank you again.


TA Everett, Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

Amber and Bonnie are gems. It is rare to work with business leaders who are exceptionally engaged in both their clients and the community. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Nextaff Gulf Coast.

-TA Everett

Gwendolyn T., Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

This is the first place I would go when seeking employment, because we have successfully hired several employees. The staff at Nextaff are professional, are great to deal with, and truly care about the employee and employer. If you are serious about finding a job, or hiring a qualified employee, this is your agency.

-Gwendolyn T.

Lauren T., Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

Employers in OS, Coast and beyond: It is worth your time to call Nextaff FIRST before hiring. We all know good employees are seemingly impossible to find these days. So, let these guys screen them first taking a lot of the work and frustration out of the search practice. They have found me several long lasting employees dramatically improving my business and my LIFE. They are professional and truly care about their clients.

-Lauren T.

Kayla J., Nextaff Gulf Coast Employee

5 stars isn’t enough for this hardworking, beautiful, and most genuine team. I got the best opportunity to work with them as a temp on a job and with them in their office. Amber, Bonnie, and Josh work all day and night for their clients and their employees. They are very knowledgeable and very genuine to help anyone and everyone. I’m going to miss the feeling of a caring home there at the office. I highly recommend Nextaff! I miss you already!

-Kayla J.

Stephanie H., Nextaff Raleigh Employee

Best agency ever! Any expectations I might have had were far exceeded. I am sure they are all quite busy with numerous other clients and applicants, but throughout the entire process, I was made to feel like I was their number one priority. Communication was excellent. Their initial interview was empowering. They treat you like a real person and I believe they genuinely want the very best for both their clients and their applicants. Thoroughly impressed!

-Stephanie H.


Michelle T., Nextaff Raleigh Employee

Nextaff  listened to what I wanted for my ideal job and worked very hard to find opportunities that fit not only what matched my skill set, but also the type of environment I was looking for and the income range I was looking for. After verifying my references, they had interviews set up within two days! So much faster than I ever expected!! It is not easy to find jobs for people and match them up well, especially so fast! I am so impressed with their professionalism, hard work, and expertise.

-Michelle T.

Kimberly S., Raleigh Nextaff Employee

The service I’ve received from each of you has been awesome, especially during a time when facing unemployment it’s good to work with a company that keeps you in the loop for opportunities – keeps you encouraged.

Nextaff will be highly recommended by me for anyone seeking an agency.

Again thank you for the class A service!!!


Marianne K, Nextaff Orlando

.NEXTAFF has provided us with candidates who have met our qualifications and who seem to truly be seeking a career with the company. Turnover will be down this year with the partnership of NEXTAFF.

-Marianne K, Director of HR Finfrock Industries

Marriott Hotels

For over three years they have helped control our turnover considerably. Without hesitation I would recommend their services to any other business struggling with recruiting and retaining quality employees.

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