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As a leading healthcare and nurse staffing agency in Phoenix, AZ,  Nextaff understands that nurse and aide short staff situations are quickly becoming a critical success factor for most healthcare facilities.  Hiring nurses in Phoenix, Arizona is not only important to providing care for patients but also in maintaining positive morale for other nursing staff members. It is also a vicious circle in that quality nurses and aides do not like to schedule at a facility known to have short nursing staff and by not doing so, creating an even larger short staff problem. The personality of the employee also directly impacts the short staff problem. It is important to hire nurses and nurse aides who are reliable, professional and knowledgeable team players. It is important to utilize a nursing staffing agency in Phoenix who can cut through the surface to determine who will be a best fit for your facility. We Recruit, Screen and Hire the following professional healthcare staff, as well as many other licensed and certified medical care providers:
  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Aides
  • Administrative Staff
  • Allied Professionals
  • Respiratory Therapists
Not all agencies provide the same service. At Nextaff Phoenix, you will quickly see the differences that make our agency superior to many others when it comes to hiring nurses. We understand that in this digital age it is often thought that technology should be used whenever possible to be efficient and cost effective. Therefore, many agencies do not conduct face to face interviews but simply check that the required credentials are in place to be able to fill an open shift just to fill the shift.

Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants:

Congratulations. You have chosen a career in an industry that is honorable and in demand. Thank you. At Nextaff, we know that there are many nursing staffing agencies to work with in the Phoenix area. We also know that not all agencies are the same. If you are selected to be part of the Nextaff nurse and aide team – RNS, RN, LPN or CNA – you are in the company of the best, so be proud. Healthcare facilities know that the Phoenix Nextaff team has a great reputation for being reliable, credible, professional and knowledgeable.

NEXTAFF of Phoenix, AZ – Healthcare Team Bios

Art Pitcher serves as Branch Manager for the Phoenix, Arizona locations of Nextaff for both Healthcare and Commercial staffing. An Arizona native, he entered the staffing industry in 1996 and consistently finds his way back to it. Art brings his expertise in Healthcare, IT, Light Industrial, Engineering, Manufacturing and Administrative disciplines together to provide a satisfying experience for even the most complex client. With certifications in SPIN, the Challenger Methodology, and the Welch Way, Art understands the full lifecycle of the employment process and provides key consultative support to relevant stakeholders within his client organizations. He leverages his Bachelor’s degree in Communications to provide superior customer service.

Art defines his role by saying; “I’m a ‘trust-farmer’. My teams solve problems for companies and change peoples’ lives. We mitigate crises, we increase efficiency, we provide care, we increase production, we increase safety, and ultimately we improve the quality of life for those we touch. We never take trust for granted and constantly strive to earn, grow and nurture it.”