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As a leading healthcare and nurse staffing agency in Sarasota, FL  Nextaff understands that nurse and aide short staff situations are quickly becoming a critical success factor for most healthcare facilities.  Hiring nurses in Sarasota, Florida is not only important to providing care for patients but also in maintaining positive morale for other nursing staff members.

It is also a vicious circle in that quality nurses and aides do not like to schedule at a facility known to have short nursing staff and by not doing so, creating an even larger short staff problem. The personality of the employee also directly impacts the short staff problem.

It is important to hire nurses and nurse aides who are reliable, professional and knowledgeable team players. It is important to utilize a nursing staffing agency in Sarasota who can cut through the surface to determine who will be a best fit for your facility.

Nextaff  is dedicated to providing healthcare nursing careers, while ensuring that our clients are provided with the best nursing talent.

We Recruit, Screen and Hire the following professional healthcare staff, as well as many other licensed and certified medical care providers:

  • Certified Medication Technicians
  • Certified Nurse Assistants
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Allied Health Professionals

Not all agencies provide the same service. At Nextaff Sarasota – Healthcare you will quickly see the differences that make our agency superior to many others when it comes to hiring nurses. We understand that in this digital age it is often thought that technology should be used whenever possible to be efficient and cost effective. Therefore, many agencies do not conduct face to face interviews but simply check that the required credentials are in place to be able to fill an open shift just to fill the shift.

Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants:

Congratulations. You have chosen a career in an industry that is honorable and in demand. Thank you.

At Nextaff, we know that there are many nursing staffing agencies to work with in the Sarasota area. We also know that not all agencies are the same. If you are selected to be part of the Nextaff nurse and aide team – RN, LPN, CNA, RCA or Med Tech – you are in the company of the best, so be proud. Healthcare facilities know that the Sarasota Nextaff team has a great reputation for being reliable, credible, professional and knowledgeable.

About our Ownership Group:

Our ownership is made up of a group of seasoned entrepreneurs that have collectively launched well over 30 companies during their careers. Co-Founder John Snellings is a 20+ year veteran in the staffing and recruiting industry. He and John Smith are owner/partners in not only multiple Nextaff locations, but also in the technology recruiting firm PeerSource (established 2011) as well as a talent development company called PSN Staffing. One of John and John’s goals, now that they are both on the backside of 40 years old, is to identify, fund and mentor other would-be entrepreneurs within the Nextaff brand. Feel free to reach out directly if you or someone you know might be a good candidate. Snellings and his partners at PSN Staffing plan to open a minimum of 4 new Nextaff locations around the US in 2022 and beyond. They are always looking for Leadership, what they call “DRIVER” talent, to help them expand their focus in the healthcare staffing marketplace.

To learn more about our services and how we can work with your organization, email Chris at:

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NEXTAFF of Sarasota, FL – Healthcare Team Bios

Tom Moreland Chris Germond serves as Managing Partner of Nextaff of Sarasota. Building on a 25 year leadership career, he brings considerable variety and depth of experience to the Nextaff brand. As his father was an executive search consultant for over 40 years, Chris literally grew up in the world of recruiting and made his first professional placement with a client at the age of 17. In 1994, he pivoted to a career in specialty retail with international home entertainment provider Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video as a District Manager. Over the next 15 years, Chris thrived in roles as Regional Manager, Zone Vice President and, lastly, Senior Vice President of Store Operations where he led a business unit of over 1,500 specialty retail locations and teams throughout the mid-western and western United States and all of Canada. Upon leaving Movie Gallery and successfully owning and operating a successful retail sporting goods business, Chris returned to his roots as an executive recruiter, specializing in retail fulfillment operations and technology. In 2019, he dove into health care recruiting, which honed his interest in the growing need for nurses and other healthcare professionals in the southwest Florida area. His leadership, operational and recruiting experiences led him to Nextaff, in which he sees the perfect match. “I’ve been blessed throughout my life with family and mentors who have ingrained the values of servant leadership in me, as well as the importance of building strong teams, and I’m truly excited to bring this to our endeavors in the Sarasota area.” Chris relocated with family from Virginia to Sarasota in 1988 and attended State College of Florida and Eckerd College in pursuit of his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He lives in Sarasota with his wife, Heather and son, Marshall. When not working, chances are you will find him enjoying the beach or taking in a football or hockey game with family and friends. Chris is also a lifelong motorsports enthusiast, attending various IndyCar and Sports Car races each year