You can select the services that only apply to your business.  Nextaff can price those services as a bundled package or separated out.

Yes, we have the ability to process your entire payroll, whether full-time or temporary. 

Yes, all our employees are offered:

  • Major medical plan
  • Mini medical plan

Some clients choose to offer additional benefits such as:

  • Holiday pay
  • Vacation pay
  • Paid Time Off
  • Incentive plans
  • We can customize a benefit if you desire also

No. Nextaff does not charge any fees to applicants, candidates or employees.

Yes.  Please reach out to to get set up.

Each of our locations are independently owned and operated.  One of our core values is Entrepreneurship.  We feel most business owners and decision makers would rather partner with another business owner verses a branch manager or employee.

One of our franchise owners would typically do a discovery meeting with you and your team.  We are going to ask detailed questions about top performers, underperformers, what has worked and not worked in the past.  They will then build a custom X-FACTOR process based on your answers and our recommendations.

Generally, from discovery meeting to first placement will vary based on your customized X-FACTOR process.  However, we can generally begin the sourcing phase within a matter of days of our initial meeting.

Our bill rate will include gross wages, work comp insurance, all payroll taxes, general liability insurances and lastly our margin.

This is an arrangement whereby we actually have one of our full-time or part-time staff members at your physical location.  This is typically only done when there is a large volume of staff and/or a lot of oversight that needs to occur.