Looking for your next career?

You want to locate and maintain your ideal employment with a great company. With an employment partner working in your best interest, you can achieve that goal. Through our network of clients, we can introduce you to a variety of roles in different sectors to allow you to flourish in your chosen field. That’s the difference when you utilize a Workforce Strategies Provider like NEXTAFF.

NEXTAFF is on your side!

Whether you are seeking a position with a small office or a Fortune 500 company, the importance of the process remains the same. Having a Workforce Strategies Provider like NEXTAFF on your side will add value and streamline your search. Below is some additional information to help guide you in your employment process.

What NEXTAFF offers

NEXTAFF offers a complete range of employment options and works directly with each client and associate to determine the best fit. There are three main types of job placements within NEXTAFF:

Contract or Temporary

You work for a NEXTAFF client on a contract or interim basis.  The positions may be short or long term depending on client needs.


You work for a NEXTAFF client on a trial basis to determine if the position and company are a good fit for your skills, interests, and career goals. If so, you may become the client’s employee after a predetermined amount of time.

Direct Placement

A client will outsource the initial recruiting and screening processes to NEXTAFF and then directly hire the preferred candidate.

NEXTAFF can assist your employment efforts in many occupations.

Position types and requirements vary by location and office so please consult your account manager or local office for availability in your chosen field.