5 Tips to Find the Best Phoenix Healthcare Jobs and Career Fields

No matter where you look, the healthcare industry is booming. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare jobs are projected to grow by 13% from 2021 to 2031. This equates to about 1.9 million healthcare job openings annually. Arizona is a hot spot for innovation and technology, making it ideal for anyone looking for medical jobs in Phoenix AZ. Now has never been a better time to find your place in life with Phoenix healthcare jobs.

In this post, we’ll discuss tips for finding Phoenix healthcare jobs and how to simplify the process.

5 Tips to Find Lucrative Phoenix Healthcare Jobs

With so many options, finding Phoenix healthcare jobs that fit your lifestyle and career goals can take time and effort. You can easily find yourself sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of job listings, many of which don’t fit your goals. Our professional recruiters weigh in on the top 5 tips for finding the right job.

1. Consider Your Goals

When you know what you want, inherently, in your life and career, it is easier to nail down your options for work. Whether you have your entire career mapped out or you’re looking for a specific position, knowing what you want will help you reach your goal. Making notes of these goals can help you stay focused and goal-oriented when reviewing specific healthcare jobs in AZ.

2. Consider Your Target Location

Because Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States and encompasses over 500 square miles, your commute can vary significantly. Looking for Phoenix healthcare jobs in specific locations or close to public transportation can radically cut your commute. You may want to research particular employers or areas close to where you live to make your life easier once a job starts. This can help you filter the vast list of Phoenix healthcare jobs and only invest your time in those that fit your criteria.

3. Get Employer Specific

Depending on their size, management, and philosophies, employer goals and benefits can vary considerably. Investing a bit of time in researching your target companies can help narrow your search. Go to their website and read any patient and employee reviews; this can give you a good idea of the company’s working environment and general atmosphere. Check out the benefits and perks they offer employees.

4. Utilize Job Alerts and Filters

Many job boards and recruiting companies allow you to set up job filters and alerts. At Nextaff staffing agency in Phoenix, we offer a proprietary app enabling you to only see job listings with your specific criteria and filters. This means no more sifting through the thousands of Phoenix healthcare jobs that don’t apply to you. One application, and you see all jobs that fit your criteria and experience. This is a game changer when searching for your next job or career.

5. Consider Working with a Staffing Agency

Narrowing down your options regarding Phoenix healthcare jobs can be a big job, especially when you have no experience working with a recruiter. Working with a staffing company like Nextaff can make all the difference. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in December 2022, the average length of unemployment was 19.5 weeks. Staffing agencies can get you working within days instead of weeks or months. Here are some tips for working with a staffing agency.

  • Locate recruiters in your area: Find the recruiters in your area that specialize in Phoenix healthcare jobs and check their credentials. See what other job seekers say about them and how many affiliate relationships they have. This can make all the difference in finding the right job for you.
  • Interview with each agency: This can give you a great idea of what each company offers. Check their benefits and ask what makes them different from their competitors. Fostering good relationships with you and the employer should be a top priority; they are your advocate.
  • Be professional: Take these interviews seriously. Dress and act professionally. Remember, staffing agency recruiters often speak directly to hiring agents for healthcare organizations. Their opinion and approval can help you locate and land jobs that may not be listed elsewhere.
  • Clean up your online profiles: You may not see the need for this step; however, many employers check the social media and online profiles of prospective candidates. In this 2020 survey by The Harris Poll, 70% of interviewed employers agree that social media profiles should be screened as part of the employee hiring process. 78% of those same employers believe work-appropriate social media profiles should be maintained throughout employment. That tattoo you got on spring break when you were a senior may not be an appropriate image for an employer to have of an employee. Review your social media and online profiles as if you were the employer.
  • Update your resume: Always ensure your resume is updated with relevant experience and education highlighted. Keep the oldest experience toward the bottom of the resume. Utilize relevant keywords and keep info clear and concise. Larger companies often utilize software designed to sort resumes by relevancy. Using popular keywords in the description of Arizona healthcare jobs can get you through the first round of cuts.

Nextaff Can Help You Land Phoenix Healthcare Jobs!

If this all seems too complicated and stressful, consider calling Nextaff. We have worked with the Phoenix community for the last 16 years creating good working relationships with healthcare companies throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a job in a hospital, private clinic, hospice home health, or any other healthcare setting, we can help. Finding you the best job within your specific criteria is our specialty.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when working with Nextaff:

  • Weekly pay
  • Flexible schedules
  • N>Gage mobile app
  • Benefits available from day 1
  • Guidance throughout the job search process
  • Opportunity to expand your skills
  • Temporary and direct hire placements
  • Apply online at one location for multiple jobs

Working with a staffing agency to find Phoenix healthcare jobs gives you an advocate who is always in your corner. We develop close working relationships with HR and hiring managers in countless healthcare companies throughout the Phoenix area, giving our clients the inside track on job opportunities that may not be listed on any job boards. We know what these employers are looking for and can match you with a company that fits your goals and desires.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. You won’t be sorry!

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