If you’re an HR or hiring manager, you’ve likely googled “nurse staffing agency near me” lately. With the need for healthcare staff projected to grow by 13% in the next ten years, you are certainly feeling the pressure to hire quality, experienced nurses now. As the HR coordinator or hiring manager, you likely experience fluctuations in staffing levels according to seasonal changes or unexpected staffing shortages. The need for more flexible staffing solutions has never been greater and will only continue to grow with patient levels. As such, you may consider partnering with a Phoenix nurse staffing agency. But where do you even start? There are some key deciding factors in choosing the right Arizona staffing agency; let’s talk about those.

Key Factors to Choosing a Nurse Staffing Agency Phoenix

1. Price

Price is likely one of the most significant factors keeping you from hiring a nurse staffing agency in Phoenix. Overhead costs affect every aspect of patient care, and staffing is likely the most significant expense. HR executives always look for ways to cut costs and maintain optimal patient care. According to this study, the hospital turnover cost of losing an RN is just over $46,000. This can be a huge expense that will ultimately result in increased patient costs. This is never a good prospect for any healthcare organization.

Choosing a nurse staffing agency in Phoenix can save you tens of thousands of dollars in turnover costs and allow you to find the best nursing staff in the Phoenix area. At Nextaff, we do all the recruiting, screening, and hiring, saving you time and energy. We work with healthcare companies throughout the greater Phoenix area to provide top-notch healthcare staff that fit well into your nursing organization. And you don’t pay employee taxes, benefits, or paid leave. The savings can be considerable.

2. Speed

When you need a qualified candidate for your healthcare jobs in Arizona, it doesn’t always come with much (if any) notice. The speed at which you fill your vacancies is a massive factor in deciding which staffing agency to choose. As the top nurse staffing agency in Phoenix, we understand the unique situations that result in nursing shortages and do our best to offer innovative solutions to those issues. Every hour you are short-staffed cuts your patient satisfaction rating and staff morale.

If your clinic regularly needs short-term nursing care, you should have a revolving job listing and always have nurses available in the wings. If your needs fluctuate with the seasons, you can customize your staffing needs according to those critical need months. At Nextaff, we have decades of experience in the nurse staffing industry and can help you recognize your staffing needs and fill those vacancies when needed. We post job listings within hours of receiving them. Our employees have access to the N>GAGE app, allowing them to review job listings and accept them within minutes. This allows you greater control and flexibility over the speed at which you fill your vacancies.

3. Quality

This is one of the most significant factors keeping companies from simplifying their hiring processes with a nurse staffing agency in Phoenix. They aren’t sure of the quality or fit of the candidate they receive. Patient satisfaction is one of the criteria used to determine government payments to hospitals. If nurses aren’t qualified or have bad attitudes, this directly impacts patient care and satisfaction. At Nextaff, we thoroughly vet each employee we send to our partner companies. We have a reputation for providing the city’s most qualified, experienced, and flexible nursing staff. As a member of the Arizona Healthcare Association, we have been awarded the Fast-Start across-the-board records in 2021 and the Horizon Award in 2022. Our success directly depends on your success.

We conduct face-to-face interviews with every candidate that passes through our doors to ensure the best fit possible. Having the best possible nursing staff helps your company’s morale, which translates to positive patient experiences. We understand and take the importance of this factor seriously.

The X-FACTOR Difference

At Nextaff, we utilize a proprietary X-FACTOR system to better serve our partner companies. It includes the following:

Because we do all the prescreening for you, all that’s left is for you to conduct the final interview. This cuts down substantially on the time and money spent on recruits and provides you with the best nursing staff in the Phoenix area. Think about it. No more crafting the ideal job listing, collecting resumes, pouring over them, vetting each candidate, making countless phone calls, interviews, final interviews, onboarding…all those mundane tasks that go into finding the best candidate for your healthcare jobs in Arizona. We do all of that for you! What more could you want?

Nextaff is the #1 Nurse Staffing Agency in Phoenix

If we haven’t convinced you yet, give us a call and speak to our top recruiters. We hire some of the top talents in the nation to provide you with the experience necessary to hire the best nursing staff in Phoenix. Here are some of the benefits of hiring us:

What can you lose? Call us today to learn more about what our nurse staffing agency in Phoenix can do for you.

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