6 Top Benefits of Working with a Phoenix Staffing Agency

If you’re an HR coordinator or hiring manager, you’ve likely experienced the stress and anxiety of keeping your hospital or clinic fully staffed. You aren’t alone. With over 1.9 million healthcare job openings in the US each year, there are far more jobs than healthcare workers to fill them, and this number is only expected to rise. The benefits of working with a Phoenix staffing agency can be considerable. In this post, we’ll go over some of the reasons you might need a staffing agency, followed by the benefits.

Why Do I Need Healthcare Staffing Agencies Near Me?

Healthcare these days can be unpredictable and volatile. There are so many factors you may choose to partner with a Phoenix staffing agency. Here are some of the ones we’ve seen.

  • Urgent Need: Maybe you have a stomach bug going through your staff and need nurses now. Or your community is experiencing a healthcare crisis, and you need additional help. A Phoenix staffing agency can help fill in the short-term gaps you may be experiencing.
  • High Turnover: Nurse burnout is a real phenomenon that can leave healthcare organizations floundering. Since the pandemic, 62% of nurses report feeling burnt out, and 30% of US nurses quit their jobs in 2021.
  • Budget Issues: With high turnover rates, your hiring budget may be stretched to its limit. Utilizing a Phoenix staffing agency can ease your budget concerns.
  • Seasonal Fluctuations: Or you work in a location that has extreme fluctuations in healthcare needs (resorts, vacation towns, senior communities, etc.), you can bolster your staff during those busy months with no commitment long term.
  • Low Administrative Staff: If your HR department is small, remaining fully staffed can be a massive source of stress and anxiety. When you outsource those tasks, it frees up that department to use their time in better ways.

Utilizing the resources that come with a Phoenix staffing agency can effectively combat these problems and offer you benefits you may have yet to consider.

Top 6 Benefits of Healthcare Staffing Agencies in Phoenix AZ

1. Recruiting Experience and Expertise

Phoenix staffing agencies like Nextaff hire the top recruiting talent from across the country. Our recruiters work with the leading healthcare organizations in the greater Phoenix area to provide licensed and certified medical care providers. Here are just a few of the types of talent we specialize in:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Aides
  • Administrative Staff
  • Allied Professionals
  • Respiratory Therapists

We ensure each prospective employee is thoroughly screened and fits nicely into your healthcare community.

2. Strategic Hiring Advice

If you are new to healthcare staffing agencies in Phoenix AZ, you may not know what types of services you need. Here at Nextaff, we can help you formulate a hiring strategy that will work well with your existing staff and offer optimal patient care. We can help you decide what types of hires you need and at what velocity. Whether you run a small private clinic or a busy hospital in downtown Phoenix, your staffing needs are unique and should be approached individually.

3. Massive Selection of Qualified Candidates

Partnering with a Phoenix staffing agency ensures you have access to hundreds of qualified healthcare professionals from around the country. We offer our employees benefits from day one, weekly pay, and an app that allows for easy job screening. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by conducting face-to-face interviews with each candidate. Getting to know our employees helps us understand their needs and ensure you get a candidate that fits well into your organization’s culture.

4. Less Administrative Stress

One of the biggest challenges of any HR team is hiring new employees. Between crafting a good job description, posting it across social media channels and relevant job boards, gathering and reading resumes, endless phone calls, interviews, final interviews, onboarding of new employees, and training, hiring a new employee is often a full-time job. Outsourcing this task to a professional Phoenix staffing agency will free up your HR administration to keep things running behind the scenes.

We also do payroll, taxes, and benefits administration which takes personnel and money away from the management and care of your patients and staff. Keep your high-paying HR team busy with what they do best while Nextaff does what we do best; finding you the best healthcare team members available.

5. Faster Hiring Process

Because we utilize the latest software and technology, our hiring process is streamlined and fast. According to LinkedIn, the average time it takes to hire a new employee is 36 days. However, when you work with Nextaff, you can cut this time considerably. We aim to have your job listing posted within hours of receiving it and have a candidate to you within two days. This does depend on the level of expertise you require and the type of job; however, it is much faster than a traditional hiring process.

6. Less Overhead and Turnover Costs

According to this report, the average turnover cost of an RN is just over $46,000. This can mean millions of dollars for large hospitals and significantly cuts into your running costs. By utilizing the services of a Phoenix staffing agency, you remove the risks associated with employee turnover. We absorb those costs and always have another placement ready and waiting.

Additionally, there is never any loss of quality of care associated with low staff numbers. Patient satisfaction is a determining factor in insurance payments for government-funded healthcare plans. Inadequate healthcare staffing equates to poor patient care and lower satisfaction ratings. As the top Phoenix staffing agency, Nextaff is known for providing the highest quality healthcare staff in and around the Phoenix area.

Choose Nextaff: Easily the #1 Phoenix Staffing Agency

Find out for yourself what makes us the #1 Phoenix staffing agency. Here are some of the perks of partnering with Nextaff:

  • We advertise all jobs on job boards and across social media platforms
  • We assess candidates using the Pre-Hire, EEOC Compliant Integrity Assessment
  • Each candidate is painstakingly screened for your specific criteria
  • Structured interviews based on your X-Factor results
  • Drug and safety screenings
  • You perform all final interviews before hiring

At Nextaff, we take our job of acquiring top talent seriously. The future of healthcare staffing sits squarely on our shoulders, and we ensure you have the best. Contact us today to see what makes us the best Phoenix staffing agency!

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