The Benefits of Working With a Beaverton Staffing Agency

Across the country, businesses are having a hard time filling the almost ten million job openings that span all industries. Finding and hiring new employees is one of the most difficult tasks for a business owner. But it must be done!

That’s where working with staffing services can make a big difference. These employment experts know how to locate high-quality candidates, screen for a good fit through interviews, and walk them through the onboarding process. Instead of stressing about filling open positions, you can focus on what you’re an expert in.

Working with a staffing agency in Beaverton is a huge help for all kinds of companies. This guide will help outline some of the benefits you may experience when working with a great staffing agency in Oregon.

Improve Hiring Process

For most companies, hiring isn’t a major part of their duties. Ideally, this isn’t something they are dealing with very often because they have a high employee retention rate.

This means that the hiring process and procedures in companies have often gone pretty stale.

As the business world has evolved, hiring practices have as well to be more effective and efficient. Working with a professional staffing agency means your hiring process will get an upgrade. These experts will help you eliminate unnecessary hiring tasks and reduce the overall load.

Through our Beaverton staffing agency, you’ll learn how to spot quality candidates quickly so you can spend less time interviewing and deliberating.

Utilize a Large Network of Candidates

Arguably the hardest part about hiring is finding candidates to choose from. With fewer people in the workforce looking for a job, it can feel like an impossible obstacle to overcome. Luckily, you can partner with a staffing firm that has spent time developing a large pool of qualified potential employees.

Staffing agencies are just as great of a great resource for those looking for a job as they are for businesses looking to hire. Many potential employees rely on them to make their connections, giving the agency a large pool to draw from.

Reduce Hiring Timeline

An open position in a company can be very demoralizing if it stays vacant for too long. Management will feel discouraged by the loss of profit it leaves. The rest of the team will feel frustrated when they have to make up for the difference in the workload. It can have a big impact on the company culture if you’re not careful.

The average job opening is filled after 42 days. Working with a staffing agency to fill vacancies can help reduce this timeline in the right circumstances.

Their reputation for quality job positions helps give you a leg up by being more appealing to candidates. They’ll apply quicker when they know you’re backed by a reputable agency.

Rely on Hiring Expertise

When you don’t spend a lot of your time going through the hiring process, it can be easy to make a lot of mistakes.

Searching for a “staffing agency near me” and then partnering with a hiring team can make the whole process much smoother. You can rely on their expertise and knowledge for the current recruitment challenges facing your industry.

These staffing experts will help you from all angles of the process. They don’t just focus on the potential hires, but on your company’s appeal as well. This helps you make lasting connections that will benefit the business.

Thorough Candidate Screening

The last thing you want is to miss something negative about a potential hire. This can lead to major problems for the business down the road, especially if you have to fire them because of the issue. Candidate screening is one of the most important aspects of the hiring process.

When you work with a staffing agency, each candidate goes through a thorough screening before making it to the next step.

This helps you avoid employees who don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge. It will also weed out candidates who have been negative team members in past positions. Screening gives you a first look into the kind of employee they will be.

Delegate Major Responsibilities

Anyone who has had a part in running a business knows how complicated it is. Each day is filled with such a wide variety of tasks, it can be impossible to complete them all.

Having to find new employees to fill vacancies can tip the scale over the edge. Working with a commercial staffing agency will eliminate that task from your responsibilities completely. Delegating all of the searching, screening, and initial interviewing allows you to focus on other tasks that only you can handle.

Feeling Confident With Quality Candidates

It’s always a risk to bring someone new onto your business team. The wrong employee can not only interrupt the productivity of the company, but they can also bring down morale and company culture.

As you pull recruits from the staffing agency, you can feel confident that you’re interviewing high-quality employees.

You don’t have to worry about a non-qualified candidate slipping through. Everyone is thoroughly vetted and checked against the high standards of our staffing agency. The staffing agency’s process is the best filter to find only the best for your company.

Working With a Staffing Agency in Beaverton

Empty job positions cost businesses money every day. Not to mention all of the added stress they bring to the rest of the team’s workload. It’s important to fill any vacancies as quickly as possible to minimize the negative effects.

But you don’t want to hire just anyone. A quality, lasting employee is going to have a big impact on the success of your business and the morale of your team. It’s worth investing in working with a staffing agency in Beaverton to find just that kind of employee.

Our team has worked with many companies to fill their open positions and complete teams. If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you do the same, contact us today!

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