Help your company transition to better hiring practices

In today’s economy, companies fear making bad hires. As a result, many organizations have developed hiring processes intended to weed out bad candidates but are unintentionally turning away top talent too. There are several ways to transition to better hiring practices. Here are some steps you can take starting now.


Reduce the Number of Interviews

One of the most frustrating situations for candidates is the never-ending cycle of interviews. Many employers require over three interviews before deciding, sometimes reaching five or more scheduled interviews. They believe that this means they will do a better job of screening, but all it does is frustrate the candidate who will begin to check out of the process. From their perspective, it’s often the same questions in just a different format. Keep your interviews to a maximum of three.


Avoid Consensus Hiring

Humans like to make consensus-based decisions but often struggle with paralysis by analysis. If everyone adds their thoughts to the process, determining the correct course of action can become even more difficult. Instead, give the hiring manager the sole power to make the decision. They can consult with other people, but they should be the ones making the call.


Ask Interviewers to Provide Numerical Ratings

Often, when interviewers are asked to give feedback about the candidates, they provide subjective information about their impressions. This can be difficult to evaluate because the data isn’t quantitative and could reflect unconscious bias. Instead, ask your interviewers to rate the candidates on a scale of one to five and lay out the specific metrics for each number.


Reward Managers for Spotting Talent

Often, companies focus only on the negative results without remembering to reward positive outcomes. Rather than punishing managers who have had bad hires, focus on recognizing the managers who spot and hire top talent who are successful in their new roles. The occasional bad hire can happen to anyone, but remaining focused on it can derail a positive company culture.


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