What Should You Do With Your Life?

Many of us are dealing with persistent questions about what we should do with our lives. As we watch waves of people leaving jobs in what experts call The Great Resignation, it’s clear that this is a common feeling. If you don’t think your current path is fulfilling for you, how do you determine what you should do with your life? Here are a few ways to assess your strengths and passions and discover how they align.


Find an Accountability Partner

Sometimes it’s hard to go it alone. When you’re struggling with the idea of what you want to do, find someone on a similar journey. They don’t need to try to break into the same thing, but you can be each other’s accountability partner to encourage and stay on track. You can share your ups and downs and encourage each other.


Review Your Most Important Life Moments

If you’re uncertain about what’s most important to you, it’s time to take an inventory. What events happened in life that impacted you the most? Why did they happen? What were the circumstances around these events? How did they make you feel? How did they affect what you did next?


Determine What Motivates You

When you’re excited about working on something, what makes you stay motivated? Understanding your motivations will help you when you determine your next steps. Do you like to do things for outside validation and reward? Do you like that sense of accomplishment when you complete a task? Everyone is motivated by different things, so tap into your instincts rather than trying to mold yourself to someone else’s expectations.


Make Lists of Interests and Skills

Next, make two lists. On one list, write down all of your interests. It could be anything, including things you don’t think are related to your career path. Whatever you enjoy doing the most, write those down. On your second list, write down all of your skills. This is everything you feel you can do with at least a mid-level understanding. Once you have these lists, compare them. Where can you use your skills and your interests? That’s the intersection to start considering as you figure out a way for your strengths and passions to align.


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