Are Cover Letters Still Necessary?

What’s the consensus? Cover letters: yay or nay? Cover letters were considered an integral part of the job search for a long time. Are they still that important? Cover letters can feel like an added hurdle and more of a pain than their worth.

Let’s look at what’s expected in a job search and how to make a great first impression when submitting your resume.

The Importance of Cover Letters

So what makes a cover letter so important? You might think that a resume would be enough, but that’s not the case. A cover letter offers a quick introduction and snapshot that can give employers additional insight while considering candidates for the job. Your cover letter should be personalized, short, and optimistic about your interest in the company.

How to Write a Great Cover Letter

Here is the anatomy of a great cover letter:

  • A personalized greeting
  • A first paragraph that states who you are, what you do, and why you want this job
  • A second paragraph that provides them a little additional background regarding their requirements and your experience
  • A closing paragraph that reiterates your interest in the job and provides your contact information

Your cover letter shouldn’t be too long or comprehensive. Keep the paragraphs short and easy to read. Most of the time, you’ll be putting your cover letter into the email where you’ll attach your resume or copy-and-pasted into a field in an online application.

Customizing Cover Letters

The first step to a good cover letter is doing a little research into the company. Try to find out the hiring manager or recruiter’s name and include it in your greeting. “Dear Susan” will go much farther than something more generic. Never use “To Whom It May Concern.”

Additional Information

There are a couple of other pieces of information that you can include in your cover letter if necessary. It’s an excellent idea if you’re making a job transition from one industry to another so you can explain your interest. It can also cover significant employment gaps. If you’re looking for a job out of your current area of residence, a cover letter can provide context for the hiring company. You can also include any personal connection you have with the company or the name of the person who referred you if that applies.


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