These 5 Tips Will Help You Build Relationships in the Workplace

Building relationships with coworkers and management in the workplace will help you find more career satisfaction. When you’re excited about going to work every day, rather than dreading it, you’ll have a better work/life balance and enjoyment. So how can you build good relationships with others while you’re at work? Here are a few tips you can use starting today.

Evaluate Your Emotional Intelligence

Your emotional intelligence is made up of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. Knowing how you react in certain situations will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses in communication and interpersonal relationships. Identifying these will give you a starting place for improvement.

Make Time for Building Relationships

The next step to developing good relationships in the workplace is to make time to interact with others. Relationships don’t form in a bubble, and if you’re not willing to spend time getting to know one another, you won’t be able to grow the relationship. Interactions can happen organically, but you also need to be present in these situations.

Ask Questions and Listen to Answers

To get to know those around you, practice active listening. Ask them questions about what they’re doing, what they enjoy, and how they’re feeling. When you ask, be sure to listen to what they have to say. Often we listen only long enough to form a response, but active listening means you’re taking in the conversation and processing it.

Provide Assistance to Others

Another way to build relationships in the workplace is to offer and provide assistance when needed. People remember when they’ve been helped, and gratitude can boost a friendly interaction. If you see somewhere you can help, offer to pitch in.

Be Committed and Reliable

When we see coworkers frustrated with one another in the workplace, it’s often caused by the idea that someone isn’t pulling their weight. Coworkers who are consistently late or who don’t meet their goals can be frustrating for those who are committed and reliable. Be the person people want to work with.

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