Didn’t Get Hired: What’s Next?

Everything seemed to be going well, but you didn’t get the job offer. It’s devastating after a long search. Why didn’t they hire you? There can be a lot of reasons, but not all of them are your fault. When you don’t have control over a situation, it can be hard to accept that it simply didn’t swing your way. It’s good to know some of the reasons why and, more importantly, what to do next. Here are some things that can help you move on.  

It Wasn’t You 

“It’s not you, it’s me,” can be a frustrating thing to hear from anyone. The most important thing you can know is that the decision wasn’t because you weren’t a top candidate. If you made it to the final rounds, you were a top contender and probably didn’t do anything precisely wrong. They have to make these final decisions based on very tiny details, and it just wasn’t your time.  

One in a Million  

Here’s the thing about interviews. You are one of any number of people who were considered for the job. By the time they make it to this round, there may be just two or three candidates in consideration, and the company has to make a decision. Someone won’t get the job. This time it was you.  

Short Term Strategy  

What happens next. Well, let’s start with the short-term. Always accept their rejection gracefully. You don’t want to burn bridges because if you made it this far, you might be considered for something again in the future. Ask them for feedback and use it to help you move forward. Keep applying to other jobs.  

Long Term Strategy  

It’s okay to reach back out to the company after rejection but be sure to go about it the right way. Send your interviewer a connection on LinkedIn. Email helpful articles or information when you find them. Check back occasionally, but not enough to be considered a pest. But don’t forget to keep your options open and continue your job search through over avenues.  

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