Not Feeling Challenged in Your Career? Might Be Time for an Upgrade

Everyone has bad days at work. It’s okay to sometimes feel a little off. You course correct and come back in with a new attitude. But what happens if the feeling isn’t just boredom? If you’re regularly feeling frustrated, unhappy, and even breaking down into tears at work, there may be a bigger problem at hand. If you’re not feeling challenged in your career or burned out, it may be time for an upgrade.  

Is Your Unhappiness Affecting Your Mood Outside of Work?  

Are you coming home from work in tears or feeling unnaturally stressed out? If so, you may be burned out in your current job. Do you find yourself snapping at loved ones or wanting to be isolated whenever you’re not at work? If your unhappiness on the job is affecting your attitude, mental health, and relationships, it’s time to consider your alternatives.  

Are you Feeling Run Down or Physically Ill?  

It can be hard to believe, but dissatisfaction on the job can lead to physical health symptoms, too. Do you feel run down like you have a fever but you don’t? Do you feel sick to your stomach or have heart palpitations? These can be serious health problems, so always consult with your doctor. But they could be caused or exacerbated by your job.  

Do You Wish Something Would Happen to Take Your Choice Away?  

Have you ever hoped that you would get laid off from your job so you don’t have to decide to quit? Some unhappy workers have also expressed darker thoughts of situations that could force them to leave their job. If you’re feeling like this, definitely talk to a mental health expert. You should also consider making a huge professional change.  

Can You See Yourself Doing Something Else?  

If you could do anything other than what you’re doing right now, what would that be? If you aren’t feeling challenged or happy in your job, consider taking inventory to help you determine a game plan for quitting. Make a list of all your current skills. Then make another list of your interests. Are there any things that line up? You may be able to shift gears and find something that’s more satisfying. To start the process, talk to a recruiter.  

Are you unhappy with your current job? 

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