The Essential Skills Your Next Receptionist Should Have

Your receptionist is the first person anyone sees when they come into your business. They’re an essential part of your success, so you must focus on hiring exactly the right person in the role. But not only do they greet incoming guests and answer the phones, but they also handle several other critical duties in the workplace. Here are the skills you should look for in a receptionist to make sure you’re hiring the best.

Communication Skills

It’s pretty clear cut that a receptionist should have good communication skills. Much of the role will be about answering phones and directing calls to the right people or departments. But a receptionist will also greet guests to the office in person. In many cases, they will craft written communication such as office memos as well.

Customer Service

For the same reason, a receptionist should also apply customer service skills to their work. They need to be able to read a situation quickly, determine the best solution, and keep the inquiring individuals satisfied with the level of attention they’re receiving.


The word “multitasking” is still used often to describe what a receptionist needs to handle in an office. But that phrase isn’t exactly accurate. What is necessary is for a receptionist to prioritize needs and accomplish tasks in their order of importance.


Since the receptionist is the first person anyone sees when they walk into an office environment, a receptionist needs to display punctuality. However, being reliable isn’t just about being on time. It’s about doing quality work in a timely matter and anticipating the needs of anyone who is supported by the receptionist role.

Attention to Detail

A receptionist also needs to pay attention to the details of the work they do. Broadly, that means knowing how to direct calls and who to ask when there’s a question. Drilling down, it’s also about making sure the smallest details are being considered.

Technology Skills

Lastly, in a modern office environment, technology is an essential part of the business. In some cases, even the communication systems are handled through online sources such as Zoom calls or Slack channels. Email and office suite products will be critical as well.

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