How Do You Acquire and Retain Quality Talent?

Acquisition and Retention is important.
Too many companies don’t have the resources to focus on it.

Focus on retention.
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Many small companies don’t have staff with HR training, and larger companies have been cutting back on HR staff and stretching resources to their limits. If people are your greatest assets — why leave acquisition and retention to chance?

Employment application, I-9, w-4, state withholding forms, benefits signup, employee handbook review, pre-employment drug tests….these are all usually part of the hiring process.

And, nearly every step in the hiring process is booby-trapped with regulations and fines if done incorrectly.

Why not tap into a resource that can navigate these nightmares for you?

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Wondering how to retain quality talent?

Acquiring quality talent this way is simple, but not easy.  It will not be done by a typical staffing supplier relationship.  It takes a partnership, it takes effort and it takes our proprietary X-Factor process.

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