Information Technology Staffing and Recruiting

At Nextaff, we understand that the information technology field is a unique and specialized area. It feels like hiring contractors to fill those positions has always been difficult!

Nextaff and our affiliate Malone Solutions have successfully provided information technology contractors for nearly 20 years.

At Nextaff we Identify, Evaluate and Acquire Quality Talent using our proprietary method, called X-FACTOR. We can help with the following IT staff, as well as many other niche areas:

  • Help Desk
  • Programmers
  • IT Architects
  • Applications
  • End User Services
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Communications

The Nextaff IT Recruiting Difference

Not all it recruitment agencies provide the same service. At Nextaff you will quickly see the differences that make our IT staffing services superior to many others when it comes to hiring information technology staff. We understand that in this digital age it is often thought that technology should be used whenever possible to be efficient and cost effective. Therefore, many agencies do not conduct face to face interviews but simply check that the required credentials are in place to be able to fill an open position.

What Makes our IT Staffing Agency Different?

  • Nextaff always conducts face to face interviews or Skype interviews to be able to analyze the applicant’s body language, interaction, and professionalism.
  • Nextaff does take advantage of technology to use extensive personality assessments that we use to help assess the reliability and credibility of the applicant.
  • Nextaff has literally 1000’s of combinations that can make your X-FACTOR very specific to your company’s hiring goals and needs.
  • When a Nextaff information technology contractor is placed on assignment, you are assured that you have a capable, vetted person…not just a warm body, covering your project.

Get in Touch With Our Information Technolgy Recruiters

At Nextaff, we’re experts in IT staffing and recruiting. Our team of information technology recruiters works with top employers throughout the nation. Ready to make your next hire? Contact us today.