3 Ways A Healthcare Staffing Agency Can Find You the Right Nurses

The demand for healthcare professionals significantly increased with the global COVID-19 pandemic. This demand continues to rise, making the situation even more challenging for organizations trying to find the right healthcare employees.

A healthcare staffing agency is an excellent resource that your company can turn to in this time of need. Partnering with a professional staffing firm will help you find the best nursing candidates in the shortest amount of time.

Healthcare staffing agencies speed up the hiring process, matching the best candidates with companies that fit their needs. An employer can use a nurse staffing agency to reduce the time and effort that recruiting, interviewing, and eventually hiring imposes on an administration.

Working with a healthcare staffing agency to fill your vacancies with qualified, licensed, and local nurses sets your organization up for success in this challenging time. However, if you still feel unsure or wonder how a staffing agency can find your team a competent nursing professional to help meet healthcare staffing demands, here some ways.

Expand Your Network Reach

A staffing specialist provides increased access to a larger, more diverse pool of qualified nursing candidates than your company has access to. With this more diverse pool of nurses, companies avoid the extra cost and time associated with hiring traveling nurses from other parts of the country.

Although there is still a need for traveling nurses, your ideal applicant may be waiting in your area, ready to fill the spot as a full-time nurse. Job sites and job boards may let qualified applicants fall through the cracks, and using multiple providers at once can make wading through hundreds of applicants more challenging.

Healthcare staffing agencies enable you to reach more candidates by expanding your overall network reach. Staffing experts maintain relationships with nurses and other healthcare professionals from all over the country who actively seek positions. Many of these candidates are searching for the right opportunity to become full-time nurses in an excellent healthcare facility like yours.

Because the healthcare industry’s demands continue to rise and evolve, nurses are waiting to find their ideal opportunity. Nevertheless, a nurse staffing agency can adapt to your needs and goals to fill your most critical openings with qualified candidates.

A staffing agency allows your healthcare facility increased flexibility. They will help you find the  ideal fit by seeking full, part-time, temporary, or on-call employees. With a more targeted pool of candidates, a staffing agency can filter out candidates that may not be qualified for roles that require specific certifications or experience.

Reduce Your Administrative Workload

Healthcare facilities can reduce their overall time and effort by working with a healthcare staffing agency. A professional staffing agency aims to link qualified candidates with the best employers, but they also aid employers by reducing their administrative workload by finding candidates with the qualifications that fit specific unit needs.

You can use a recruitment agent’s simple process for selecting and onboarding candidates to reduce pressure in your hiring process. Hiring managers don’t need to look through dozens of applications and resumes while arranging numerous interviews to find the perfect fit. With an extensive hiring network, a staffing agency will also find a candidate to meet your specific criteria faster.

Overall, healthcare staffing saves time and money for your administrative staff. Working with a healthcare staffing agency enables facilities to return to the most critical task – running your healthcare facility and taking care of patients.

Increase Your Facility Productivity

A healthcare staffer’s access to high-quality nurses ensures that the professionals your company hires are thoroughly screened and qualified with the proper credentials before they begin working for your company. Candidates arrive when and where you need them, ready to work.

Moreover, predicting when your facility will require additional nursing staff can be challenging. Seasonal surges and other circumstances aren’t consistent in the healthcare industry, and you may never know when a severe flu season or other unpredictable circumstances may arise. Keeping the appropriate level of staff during these times is critical.

Healthcare providers often experience the sudden need for ready-to-work clinical staff. A healthcare staffing agency can help with staff shortages, offering access to larger pools of skilled workers. Some candidates may reflect nurses who previously worked with your facility and can work right away, already familiar with your policies and procedures.

Staffing Agencies Specialize So You Don’t Have To

Nurse staffing agencies are an excellent way for facilities to fill staffing gaps and help qualified job seekers find new jobs, make transitions in their careers, and work for top companies in their industry. Working with a staffing specialist will help you reduce staffing risks, improve your productivity, and spend more time running the facility beyond the recruitment and hiring process.

Healthcare organizations all over the United States benefit from working with leading staffing agencies that comprehensively understand the needs of healthcare candidates and employers alike.

The greatest asset for any employer is the workers who continue to provide fantastic service. Nurses and other healthcare professionals determine your facility’s success as one of the most critical parts of the patient care process.

Contact our dedicated and professional team today to learn more about how Nextaff can help you fill staffing vacancies and needs with ideal, qualified, and licensed nurses.  The relationships Nextaff maintains with both employers and candidates are symbiotic. We’ve helped thousands of employers find ideal candidates to fill their staffing needs. As such, we take this experience and insight to find great job opportunities for nurses looking to advance in their careers or find a working environment that fits their skills.

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