Job Hunting Support in Tacoma: How to Find the Right Job For You

On average, the job interview process takes over 22 days to complete. Out of the usual hundreds of applicants, only one person will be offered a position, so it can take quite a long time to land a new job, no matter how impressive your resume is.

So, keep reading to find out more about how you can find your dream role using job-hunting support in Tacoma.

Make a List

Before you start scouring the Tacoma job market, it’s a good idea to make a list of what you need and want. Your job should meet your needs and cover at least a few of your wants to keep you healthy and happy.

When it comes to your job needs, there are a few things you should always consider. Commonly most people need their job to:

  • Pay enough to cover all your bills and expenses while still leaving a bit for savings
  • Offer hours you’re comfortable working in timeslots that work for you

Depending on your personal needs, you might also need a job that offers remote work and flexible hours. This section should cover everything you 100% need from a position to be able to keep or raise your living standard while working there.

Next, you should make a list of high-priority wants. These are things you want your job to offer you to ensure you have a fulfilling experience. Think of these as the “nice-to-haves” of your role, as they can largely sway your decision, but they aren’t the be-all and end-all.

This section usually lists things like challenging projects to keep you engaged, education or training opportunities, and professional development opportunities. These are the type of things that might make you stay at the company long-term.

Finally, you need to make a list of your normal wants. These are the “nice-but-not-necessary” things. This can be anything you think of, like a specific dress code or parking options.

Devote Time to Job Hunting

Job hunting is a job in and out of itself.

If you’ve been on the job hunt, you know how many applications you have to send out before you even get a single reply. This is why you can’t slack off during this process, even if you’re tired from your current role.

Setting out timeslots where you devote yourself to looking for roles and nothing else is a tedious but necessary process.

Most applications can’t be filled out in a minute or two, so you really need to devote yourself to putting your best foot forward with the application questions. These questions are usually what makes an employer want to contact you.

Use various platforms and job-hunting support tools to maximize the roles you’re exposed to. If you limit yourself to one platform, the perfect role might slip by you.

If you aren’t currently working, treat job hunting as your full-time job.

Take a few breaks throughout the day, but spend as much time identifying and applying for openings as possible. If you’re in Tacoma job hunting, it can be helpful to take one day just to find opportunities and another day to apply to them.

Network, Network, Network

One of the best job-hunting support tips you should live by is networking makes the corporate world turn.

This doesn’t mean you must physically attend events and network with people. (But this isn’t a bad idea!) With the rise of social media, you can find relevant people online and slowly build your network.

If you’re looking for job-hunting support in Tacoma, consider contacting recruiters in the field you want to join or people working at the company you want to join. It never hurts to reach out and ask if they have any insight into the market or if they’re willing to put your name forward if an opportunity opens up.

Most people will say yes as they tend to get a commission if you get hired.

Use Job Hunting Support Services

While you can look for a role on your own, job-hunting support services make the process easier and have access to positions that the public doesn’t. Job seekers aren’t the only ones that partner with these services; companies looking for workers also employ them.

So if you’re in Tacoma job hunting and haven’t had any luck, consider tapping into this market.

In the same way that most people are tired of the job hunt process, companies are tired of sifting through countless applications in the hope of finding a potential candidate. That’s why they partner with services that handle most of them.

Companies tell these job-hunting services what they’re looking for, the salary range they’re willing to offer, and any other necessary details. The service then goes through its database of job seekers and tries to match candidates with the role.

So, if you’re a job seeker looking for a new position in the Tacoma job market, you should consider using job-hunting support services.

Looking for Job-Hunting Support in Tacoma?

Job hunting can be exhausting at the best of times, but throw in the rising cost of living, then it can be excruciating.

If you’re looking for job-hunting support in Tacoma, you need first to decide what type of job you’re looking for before contacting job-hunting services. If you go into this process knowing exactly what outcome you want, you’ll find the process far less stressful than you might think.

If you’re job hunting, contact us to see how we can help you. NEXTAFF of Tacoma helps businesses recruit, screen, and hire quality talent in Tacoma, WA, and the surrounding area.

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