Maximizing Student Safety: The Benefits of Outsourcing Your School Crossing Guard Staffing

All over the country, nearly 25,000 children are hurt in school zones every year. And South Florida schools are particularly dangerous for this.

That means any child who is walking or biking over to school is vulnerable to drivers who are distracted by their cell phones or unmindful in general. The importance of a well-trained school crossing guard cannot be emphasized enough.

But if your school doesn’t have the budget or time to train crossing guard staff yourself, then you will need to look into the benefits of outsourcing. This way you can focus on student safety without compromising on your budget or resources.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of outsourcing South Florida education crossing guard staff.

Don’t Worry About Sick Staff or Holidays

When you hire one or two crossing guard staff and one of them is sick or both of them are out for one reason or another, you are stuck without any crossing guards. And you know that circumstances like these are more common than you can imagine.

If you outsource your crossing guard staff though, then you would never have to worry about staff who’s sick or out for holidays or whatever else, because the staffing agency will have not just one or two crossing guard staff to pick from, but many more.

They will have a roster of staff for you to pick from, and that means you will always have crossing guard staff every day of the year no matter which flu bug is going around.

This way, you won’t have to feel guilty either for refusing your crossing guard staff a day off, because you just don’t have enough staff to cover them. This can relieve some of the pressure on you or whoever you’ve chosen as a temporary crossing guard from the rest of your staff.

More Cost Effective

The most important reason that you would outsource your crossing guard staff is because of the cost benefits. This is one of the reasons why outsourcing became popular in the first place.

But in those cases, organizations were outsourcing their accounting or software creation to cheap labor in India or the Philippines.

In your scenario, your savings come from a different avenue. When you outsource crossing guard staff, what you are doing is reducing the pressure on your Human Resources Staff and also reducing the number of benefits and other additionals that you would have to pay out.

The crossing guard staff that you receive from the outsourcing agency will be under contract with your organization. They aren’t employed by you but are freelancers.

This means that you aren’t paying out of pocket for their benefits or pension or anything like that. All you pay is the monthly fee that goes to the staffing agency and that covers it all.

It is much easier to plan your budget and yearly expenditure as well.

Another reason why you save money by outsourcing is that you don’t have any sick leaves or days off that you have to account for.

Your outsourced staff will always be at work every day without fail. This is because the outsourcing agency doesn’t just have one or two crossing guard staff to pick from. But a full roster of them to choose from.

Sick days and days off cost organizations quite a bit of money throughout the year, depending on how big the organization is and how much sick leave they provide their staff. With outsourcing, you can forfeit this frustrating expenditure point and focus on building profits.

Don’t Have to Wait for Staff to Receive Training

Many times your crossing guard staff will have to take time off from work to go to training, both mandatory and essential. For example, they might have to update their CPR and First Aid certifications. Or they might have to update their security license.

Whatever it might be, this takes away from your student safety. This is because, during those days, either there will be no crossing guard staff, or there will be someone temporarily in place who might not be as experienced.

Don’t deal with this eventuality. Hire crossing guard staff from an outsourcing agency and let go of all these headaches once and for all.

Relieve Pressure Off Your HR Staff

If you have never tried an outsourcing or staffing agency, you are in for a surprise. It’s so easy that you will wonder why you went without this service before.

Your HR staff will be glad that you took the chance and started outsourcing. This will save them so much time since they aren’t going to be scrambling last minute to find replacement staff, or setting up training, benefits, and pensions for all the crossing guard staff.

They can focus their efforts on finding better workers so your school can show up at the top of any South Florida education list.

Benefits of Outsourcing – Student Safety Is Paramount

There are many outsourcing benefits, but the ultimate reason to outsource your crossing guard staff is that you won’t have to worry as much about student safety anymore. And that’s a benefit you can’t scoff at.

Are you more convinced now that you see all the outsourcing benefits laid out above? South Florida schools should start looking into outsourcing as a staffing resource.

If you are located in South Florida and looking for crossing guard staff, contact us to see how you can take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing for yourself.

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