The Benefits of Working with a Mississippi Staffing Agency

Small businesses make up over 99% of Mississippi’s companies, but they only staff less than 50% of Mississippi’s employees.

There’s plenty of talent available in Mississippi, but it can be difficult to pry it away from bigger corporations. If you’re having trouble finding the right people to take your company to new heights, a Mississippi staffing agency could be the answer.

You may be wondering if a staffing agency will really be able to find you high-quality candidates. In this post, we’re going to extoll the virtues of Mississippi staffing agencies by telling you some of the benefits you’ll see when you decide to work with one.

There are plenty of hard-working and intelligent Missippeans on the job search right now. Keep reading and you’ll see that the best way to find them is by using a staffing agency.

Industry Expertise

One of the best things about working with Mississippi staffing agencies is the industry experience that they bring to the table. You don’t have to worry about the hiring process because they’ll bring a high degree of professionalism and understanding to finding your next candidate.

Each industry requires a unique approach when it comes to recruiting, which is why there are various staffing agency options out there. A good staffing agency should be able to provide essential insights that enable them to find and recruit quality candidates.

At Nextaff, our areas of focus include IT, engineering, accounting, and administrative staffing in the healthcare, commercial, and technology industries. We have a deep understanding of the trends, salaries, needs, and employee qualifications for these industries.

As a business, you need your new hires to have particular skills. By hiring the right staffing agency, you can easily gain access to candidates that can hit the ground running and contribute to the success of your company.

Lower Recruiting Costs

Hiring can cost businesses as much as $4,000 per employee. Many companies hire staffing agencies in an effort to save money by hiring more temporary employees. Of course, this helps to lower overall expenses, but staffing agencies can save you money in other ways as well.

First, you’re going to save money on training new hires. Because you have access to quality candidates, you won’t have to invest as much in training them. This is one of the overlooked expenses when hiring temporary staff – you have to retrain them again and again.

One of the ways that you save money with temp staff is on benefits, which account for 30% of employee costs for small businesses. You also save money on testing, screening, and investigating candidates.

Saving Time

Saving money is important, but so is your company’s time. During the hiring process, you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find, vet, and interview candidates. These processes can take many months and can affect the way your business runs on a daily basis.

Hiring a staffing agency to tackle hiring for you gives you all of this time back. Instead of taking time out of your day to go through CVs, read cover letters, and interview, you can hand over these responsibilities to the staffing agency.

When they’re done, you get back a small handful of the best candidates. From these, it shouldn’t take more than a few days of interviews to choose the best one. Again, because they’re going to be qualified, you won’t need to spend as much time training them either.

Our Nextaff X-Factor process allows you to customize your hiring criteria. With is, we’ll screen candidates so that you only get the ones you’re guaranteed to be interested in.

Fewer Hiring Risks

Hiring new employees is inherently risky. You never know the type of worker you’re going to get until they’re actually doing the job. Many businesses suffer the consequences of poor hiring practices, which can actually put an ailing business in serious danger.

With staffing agencies, this particular risk is removed. A staffing agency lives and dies on its ability to help its clients find the best candidates. If we don’t help you find someone that can help your business succeed, it’s our reputation that suffers.

This is why it’s so important to choose the very best out of all the staffing agency options. Ratings and reviews from previous clients can go a long way in telling you whether or not you should work with a particular staffing agency.

Employee Retention

Hiring temporary staff also allows you to gauge the quality of an employee before you offer them a full-time position. If you aren’t happy, you can let the contract run out and find a better employee next time. If you are, you’ll have a great opportunity to retain them and better your business.

Employee retention is integral to a company’s success, yet the average employee tenure in the US is just 4 years. By first offering temp employment to gauge someone’s work habits, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible candidates for your vacancies.

Once you’ve got employees you like, it’s your job to entice them to stick around for the long haul. Investing in training and listening to their needs is the best way to boost employee retention.

Extended Reach

When you’re looking for candidates on your own, your reach is limited. You can post your openings on job sites, but you’re only going to get applicants who come across them at the right time.

Staffing agencies give you access to a huge pool of candidates, whether they’re currently employed or actively on the job search. We recruit everyone based on your search criteria. If need be, we can help you entice great candidates away from their current jobs in order to help you.

Choose the Best Mississippi Staffing Agency

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll see when you hire our Mississippi staffing agency. Nextaff has been one of the topping staffing agencies in the country since 2004, accumulating local and national recognition from a variety of publications.

The bottom line is that if you want to hire employees that’ll make a real difference in your business, Nextaff can help. Contact our Mississippi office to find out more about our services or sign up directly on our site to start searching for candidates today.

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