Employment Agencies in Tulsa: How to Effectively Work Together to Find Your Dream Job

Looking for a job can be overwhelming even for job seekers with fancy, new degrees, and high honors. The average college student will take between three to six months to find a job after graduating. Fortunately, that’s where employment agencies come in.

Employment agencies in Tulsa extend job offers of all kinds. Many people believe that employment agencies only provide temporary or entry-level jobs. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Using employment agencies can help you build your network and land your dream job. There’s no shame in seeking help when you’re trying to build a life for yourself. Read on to learn how to find a job that best fits your needs and skills.

Treat It Like an Interview

Recruitment agencies work with various companies across all industries. Tapping into that wealth of knowledge and experience can present opportunities you never knew existed. So, when applying to an employment agency, it’s best to put your best foot forward.

Many big companies outsource recruitment agencies to find quality employees. Once you finish your application, the agency will interview you. Treat it like an interview with one of your dream companies.

Show up in your best interview clothes and be on time. Keep your handshakes firm because nothing speaks better than confidence. Some employment agencies will ask common interview questions, so don’t be afraid to rehearse your answers at home.

Remember that in job interviews, you need to sell yourself. Share your skills and be prepared to prove them in a skills assessment.

Be Transparent

Employment agencies can help job seekers who are in a pinch but can also help you find your dream job. Before applying to an agency, be honest with yourself.

What is your definition of a dream job? Are you looking for a flexible job that can work with other engagements in your life? Are you looking for a permanent position that can help you develop your career?

When working with an employment agency, communication is key. Tell them about your concerns, strengths, and goals. Be honest about your employment history and availability.

Your agency can help you explain gaps in your employment if they’re able to secure an interview with a company.

Keep an Open Mind

Don’t feel disappointed or defeated if your first job offers are not in line with your needs. Landing your dream job will take time. Until then, it’s best to keep an open mind.

Be open to contract work or temp jobs even if you’re vying for a full-time position. Day jobs can help you cultivate valuable skills you can use in a future venture. A temp job can open doors to new opportunities or even a permanent position.

That said, what kind of jobs do employment agencies offer?

Permanent Jobs

As mentioned prior, companies sometimes outsource recruiting agencies to find new employees. The agency will serve as a proxy for a traditional recruiter to select candidates and interview them for the company.

Temp-to-Perm Jobs

Temp-to-Perm jobs have become more popular in recent years. More and more companies are leaning toward the “test before you buy” approach. This allows them to acquire the best talent and find workers most compatible with their company’s ecosystem.

Better known as temp-to-hire jobs, companies use this as an opportunity to learn more about an employee. If the company finds your work satisfactory, it can turn into a permanent position. Your employment agency will pay your wages during the temporary phase.

When you become a full-time employee, the company will take over.

Temporary Jobs

Temp positions look for job-seekers to fill in for another employee during a period of leave or absence. Companies will also offer temp jobs when they’re undergoing a busy work period or need an extra hand in a particular project. Temp positions can last between a few weeks to months.

Be Patient But Persistent

Regardless of your industry or skills, getting feedback will sometimes take time, so be patient. Sometimes, it’s as simple as not being the right fit for a company. However, don’t let this discourage you or stop you from following up with a recruiter.

Even if it doesn’t work out with one company, they will still be able to find the perfect position for you. Keep in mind that employment agencies are on your side. Their ultimate goal is to help people find the best jobs for the long term.

If you don’t hear any feedback, contact the agency. Follow up once every week to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

There will be times when the agency presents you with an offer that doesn’t suit you. It could be because the hours don’t work for your lifestyle or the pay isn’t enough. Regardless, it’s okay to say no.

Transparency is best, so be honest when explaining why you don’t want the position. This will help the recruiter understand your needs so they can find better propositions.

Check Out Other Resources

One of the best things about employment agencies is that they’re free. A reputable company does not take money from job seekers. Instead, they charge the companies their recruits work for.

However, if you’re eager to dive into the workforce, don’t rely on employment agencies alone. You can continue your job search while waiting to hear back from your recruiter.

Talk to people in your network and take advantage of online job boards. Remember to tell your recruiter if you have applied for jobs on your own or if you’re also working with a different agency.

This lets the recruiter know not to submit a second application for jobs you have already applied for. Some employers will remove applications if they see them twice.

Find Your Dream Job With Employment Agencies in Tulsa

Employment agencies have access to various companies in all industries. They can help you find a job to grow your skills or even help you land your dream position.

Are you looking for employment agencies in Tulsa? That’s where we come in. Nextaff can help you streamline your job search and find the best fit, so contact us today!

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