Have you been pounding the figurative internet pavement looking for nursing jobs in Sacramento? If so, you’re likely overwhelmed with the process; of submitting countless applications, customizing your resume repeatedly, going on interview after interview, etc. So. Much. Energy. And, ultimately, not ending your job hunt successfully. This doesn’t have to be the case. Working with a medical temp agency in Sacramento can help cut down on all the stress and anxiety and place you in the perfect job. This can be the difference between landing a job and going months without a paycheck.

This post will review the top benefits you’ll receive when working with a medical temp agency in Sacramento.

No Cost to You

One of the most popular benefits is that working with a job agency in Sacramento costs you nothing. The fees are passed on to the employer, and you’re left, in many cases, with weekly pay, benefits from day one, and flexible schedules.

Saves Time and Energy

If you were paid for all your time looking for nursing jobs in Sacramento, you could feed a small country. Working with a staffing agency in Sacramento will save you all the footwork, time, and energy associated with finding the right job. After initial interviewing and paperwork, you need only screen the jobs you qualify for and choose the right one.


Are you a single mother looking for a job that frees you up on the weekends, or do you want a little extra money for the holidays? Or perhaps you’ve just graduated with your nursing degree and have no idea where you want to start your permanent career? No problem. Working with a medical temp agency in Sacramento allows you the flexibility to work the hours and days you choose. You can also select certain companies (or exclude them) based on your preferences.

According to this research, 95% of nurses reported feeling burned out within the last three years, with 30% quitting their jobs. Working temp jobs in Sacramento will allow you to take time off when you feel burned out and only return when you feel refreshed and ready to work.

Higher, More Frequent Pay

After the COVID-19 pandemic, wages for travel or temp nursing jobs increased by 25%, with travel nurses making anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 per week. To top this off, most medical temp agencies in Sacramento offer weekly paydays. Meaning you get higher pay – faster!

Also, potential employers don’t like to see any questionable gaps in your employment history. Working with a temp agency in Sacramento also means you won’t have employment gaps on your resume.

Paid Training

When a temp agency in Sacramento works with an area employer, it’s usually because they have pressing or ongoing staffing needs (or both). Due to their immediate needs, employers often provide specialized training to fit their specific care needs. This allows you to improve your skills while you’re being paid. Who knows, you may even find your true healthcare calling and passion.

No Commitment

Working with a staffing agency in Sacramento comes with no long-term commitment. You work the jobs, days, hours, and times you choose without commitment to the future. Many people have difficulty committing to one employer for an undetermined amount of time. Sound familiar? Then working with a medical temp agency is for you.

If you like being challenged, always having new scenery, and meeting new people, working temp jobs in Sacramento could be just the right fit for you.

Try Before You Buy

This may be your favorite perk of working with a medical temp agency in Sacramento. Working with many employers allows you to see what things you like and what may be deal breakers when it comes to permanent employment. It may be the work environment, the type of work, or the people you work with that make all the difference in deciding where you want to work long-term. The idea that you can “try before you buy” is one of the most significant selling points of working temp jobs in Sacramento.

Experienced Partner

Partnering with a medical temp agency in Sacramento means you benefit from their decades of experience in the healthcare industry. Often, it isn’t as much what you know as whom you know. Recruiters build relationships with HR coordinators and hiring managers in clinics and hospitals all over the Sacramento area, giving them exclusive opportunities that may not be listed on public job boards. They often know exactly what employers are looking for and can help prepare you for interviews.

Working with a staffing agency in Sacramento also provides you with expert resume-building guidance. Recruiters know how to work industry-related keywords into your resume in an attractive and persuasive way.

Custom-Match You to the Right Company

Following an initial interview and application process, a medical temp agency in Sacramento can custom-match you to an employer that fits your work-family balance needs and career goals. Many temp agencies conduct face-to-face interviews, getting to know you personally so they can better understand your wants and needs.

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