Applying for a job in Jackson TN can seem daunting, especially when you understand the weight of the job search. Sometimes, applying for a new job can be a job in and of itself. Mastering the art of the job application can be done, and we’ll teach you how with these top ten job application tips.

1. Thoroughly Read the Job Application

One of the top job application tips is carefully reading the description and application. It can be easy to skim through a job application and not really read it thoroughly. Read it through twice before you start on it. Because hiring managers often have dozens upon dozens of applicants, one of the easiest methods of narrowing the candidate pool is throwing out incomplete applications that don’t meet the instructions. In fact, there are now whole software applications designed to fine-tune this process. You can get through that first hurdle by simply following the instructions outlined in the application.

2. Use Your Full Name and Professional Email Address

Learning to separate your personal email address from a more professional one is one of the first things an HR person may notice. Use your full name and a dedicated professional email address when corresponding with any potential employer. Make sure you respond to any emails in a timely and professional manner. Maintaining multiple email addresses can be challenging but vital for job-hunting success.

3. Always Follow Directions

Follow all directions to a T. This may require you to make notes or checklists, whatever you need to do to ensure completion. There may be questions that require you to ponder your answers, don’t be too quick to fill in the blanks without making a concerted effort to add thought.

4. Tailor and Customize Your Cover Letter

When you’re applying for multiple jobs, it can get comfortable to utilize the same cover letter over and over. Don’t make this mistake. Always customize your cover letter to the specific job and company you’re seeking. Read their job description again, customizing the cover letter to how you can be that employee. Be concise and detailed about how you will be the ideal candidate for the job.

5. Include Job Keywords in Your Resume and Cover Letter

This can be one of the most vital pieces of the resume puzzle. Utilizing relevant keywords in your resume and cover letter can help you stand out from the competition. Look through the job description and find those job-related words that stand out. Use those words throughout your resume in a thoughtful and impactful way.

6. Proofread for Any Errors

Again, spelling, grammar, and personal facts errors can be a huge red flag for employers. Make sure you proofread and fix any grammatical errors and ensure your facts are in line. Don’t forget to make your resume easy to scan and read, using bullet points and concise facts.

7. Keep Track of Your Application and Follow Up

When you have several (or more!) applications, it can be challenging to track them all. Another of the most incredible job application tips is to keep good notes and follow up with each resume. Keep notes on anyone you’ve had conversations with and what they said. Stand out from the crowd.

8. Update Your Social Media

Clean up and update your social media accounts. According to this article, 70% of potential employers screen their candidates utilizing social media. Scrutinize your social media accounts for anything that may reflect negatively on you. Social media can be a vital tool in the workplace, but it can also reflect poorly on you, depending on how it is used. Make yourself a good fit and option for any employer.

9. Attach Your Resume to the Application

Be sure to attach your resume to your application online and on paper. Often, submitting a paper resume following your online application is optional. However, many hiring managers like to have a hard copy of resumes for easy reference, AND it helps you stand out from the competition.

10. Double-Check that You Haven’t Forgotten Anything

Double-check your application to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. You don’t want your application thrown out simply because you missed something. Once you are sure you haven’t forgotten anything, submit your application and resume. Having someone else review your application before submitting it; it can never hurt to have a second set of eyes.

Applying for a job can seem like second nature, something you don’t have to think twice about. But, when you become complacent, you can lose vital job opportunities. Be sure to hit every checkmark and review all these job application tips before submitting your application. Finding a good job in Jackson TN will take experience and persistence.

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