Hiring nurses can be expensive and risky. According to recent data from the Society for Human Resource Management, hiring a new employee costs $4,700. However, many companies report that the hiring process costs three to four times the employee’s annual salary. This can be a significant expense, particularly if you have a high employee turnover rate. Partnering with a temp agency in Sacramento can save you thousands of dollars in recruitment costs and equip you with the healthcare industry’s top talent. Let’s discuss how a Sacramento temp agency can help you fill your critical nursing positions.

Lower Your Team Workload

As we already stated, one of the biggest financial drains on a company is the hiring process. It costs thousands of dollars and uses hundreds of hours of human resources that could be better used to keep your organization running smoothly. Not to mention the stress and anxiety the entire staff feels when there is a nursing shortage. Medical staffing agencies in Sacramento CA vet each candidate according to the needs and qualifications you require and keep you fully staffed during your busiest seasons.

In this article from the National Library of Medicine, high patient-to-nurse ratios led to errors, higher morbidity rates, nurse burnout, and higher dissatisfaction rates. Working with a temp agency in Sacramento can reduce your team’s workload and increase patient satisfaction.

Raise Your HCAHPS Scores

If you’re working in the healthcare industry, you’re likely aware of the standardized measurement of patient satisfaction used by the US government and recognized in all hospitals. This measurement called the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey, is used to determine reimbursements in government-funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. There are strong correlations between nurse satisfaction and patient-to-nurse ratios and these scores.

Ensuring your nurses feel comfortable, supported, and well-staffed is vital to fostering and maintaining good patient outcomes and overall satisfaction. Nurse-related questions from this survey directly relate to nursing staffing levels and quality of care. Another study found direct positive correlations between nurse job satisfaction and performance and patient satisfaction and quality of their care. What does this mean for you? Keeping your nurses happy, relaxed, and well-staffed will improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. And it means higher HCAHPS scores for you!

Expedited Hiring Process

This Forbes article states that the average number of people applying for any given job is 118, of which only 20% get an interview. This means your HR department is burdened with reading and vetting countless resumes, applications, and cover letters. Using the services of a temp agency in Sacramento will remove this burden, freeing up your time and energy for more critical tasks. This also means your hiring process will be significantly faster. Many times, candidates can be available for work within the day, even within hours. This will save you time and energy.


Medical staffing agencies in Sacramento CA will provide more flexibility with your sometimes tight business resources. Whether you have nurses on long-term leave, a high turnover rate, or don’t want the costs and headache associated with payroll and benefits that come with permanent staff, temp agency candidates can help to fill your critical positions at a moment’s notice. This gives you the financial freedom to be fully staffed without associated hiring costs. It also allows you the flexibility to cover those busy times of the year or season without a commitment to long-term employment.

Skilled Staffing Experience

In this NIH article, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a need for over 275,000 additional nurses in the decade between 2020 to 2030. With the demand for skilled nurses increasing substantially, you’ll always have those nurses who don’t fit in or aren’t qualified for your nursing needs. The great thing about partnering with a Sacramento temp agency is that they do all the footwork for you, ensuring each candidate is a good fit for your organization.

Reduced Employer Risk

With the current staff RN turnover rate at just over 27% and the average cost of turnover per nurse just over $46,000, companies are poised to lose hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars. Using a temp agency in Sacramento lowers this risk to almost nothing. You don’t have any of the financial burden associated with recruitment, hiring, or eventual turnover of your staff nurses.

Medical staffing agencies in Sacramento CA, usually absorb the costs associated with hiring, recruiting, payroll, and benefits. Most even offer candidates benefits from day one and weekly paydays. This will significantly lower your overhead and the burden on your HR department.

Verify Candidate Qualifications

We’ve already mentioned the fact that medical staffing agencies vet candidates according to employer specifications, but this often means more than simple resume checks. This can mean periodic skill assessments and training as well. A good temp agency in Sacramento will custom-match candidates to employers according to skills, experience, personality, and goals. They know how to ask the right questions to find the right candidates.

Nextaff is Your #1 Temp Agency in Sacramento!

With so much uncertainty and expense associated with hiring in the healthcare industry, having a partner on your side can be invaluable. At Nextaff temp agency in Sacramento, we utilize a proprietary X-FACTOR system to ensure each candidate we send you is vetted and screened according to your needs. We work hard to ensure you are well-staffed. Here are some of the perks you get when you work with us:

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