Temp Agency Northern VA: Turn a Temp Job into Your Career

Are you loving your temp nursing or IT job and want to turn it into a full-time gig? Turning a temp agency northern VA job into a permanent career doesn’t have to be complicated. In this blog, we’ll review how you can position yourself to be hired full-time in your temporary job.

What Does Temp-to-Hire Mean?

A temp-to-hire position is contracted for a short period of time with the condition that, should you meet specific criteria, you could be eligible for a full-time position. What things will an employer be looking for in a full-time employee? We’ve put together a list of ways to turn your temporary nursing placement into a permanent one.

Be Reliable

Employers across the board need candidates who are 100% reliable. Show up to work on time and on your scheduled days. Be ready to work when you arrive. No spending a half hour getting your uniform on, visiting with coworkers, or using the restroom. Don’t waste company time on personal issues.

Find Out if Full-Time Positions Are Available

You could save a lot of time and energy by doing some homework before starting your temp job. Asking your recruiter whether this company offers full-time, permanent employment will help you prioritize your job search.

Be Enthusiastic and Positive

Employers want to see their employees’ enthusiasm, especially in healthcare. This can’t help but rub off on patients and their families. Having a positive attitude will help your patients recover more quickly. This is especially true when working with a temp agency in northern VA.

Have a Genuine Interest in Your Job

Having a genuine interest in learning all there is to know about the job will go a long way with management. Ask questions and always be willing to do jobs others may not want.

Show Your Value to the Company

Keep track of the incremental value you add to the company and be prepared to delineate it when it comes time for review or the permanent hiring process. Your manager may need to keep track of those things, but you should.

Keep a Fresh Perspective

Always keep a fresh perspective, and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts for improvements.

Build Lasting Relationships

Relationships are vital in every workplace, and a temporary job is no exception. Even though you work for a temp agency in northern VA, you’ll want to nurture those relationships if you decide to stay permanently. Although those relationships may not seem important right now, they may be at some point in the future.

Set Goals

As with any job, even with a temp agency in northern VA, it is vital to set attainable goals to mark your progress. Managers like to see employees settling in and improving themselves.

Good Communication

Make a habit of good communication even when it’s difficult. Some conversations are challenging, but the mark of a professional nurse is the ability to communicate difficult news with compassion and care.

Exceed Expectations

Go above and beyond the call of duty in every part of your job. Show those around you that you are dedicated to the organization and your patients.

Adapt to the Culture

With temporary jobs, it’s easy not to separate yourself from the organization’s community, thinking you are not staying long. However, if this is a job you want to transition into a permanent one, you need to focus on becoming part of the organization’s culture.

Develop and Reinforce Interpersonal Skills

Motivation and enthusiasm are easy to see and often translate into a happier workplace and healthier patients. Employers are beginning to focus more on employees who are good team players, communicate effectively, and are a positive influence on those around them. Technical nursing skills are always vital, but increasingly, so are these other skills.

Ask for the Job

You’ll never get a job you don’t ask for. Make your desire to be part of the organization known without being too pushy. Don’t assume they know what you want.

Be Patient

With so much bureaucratic red tape, getting permission to hire a full-time employee can take time and effort. Be patient; this process can take time and effort.

Be Unique

Last but not least, be unique in a good way. Motivate those around you and always do more than is asked.

The X-Factor Method

With our proprietary X-factor method, you control your career throughout the entire process. We have thousands of open positions for nursing jobs in Fairfax country and across the country; we will fit you with the right employer. Whether you’re looking for a full-time, permanent career or want to travel the country, we can help! Here are some of the perks we offer through Nextaff:

  • Weekly pay
  • Flexible schedules
  • N>Gage mobile app
  • Benefits available from day 1
  • Guidance throughout the job search process
  • Opportunity to expand your skills
  • Temporary and direct hire placements
  • Apply online at one location for multiple jobs

With Nextaff, you can work as much or as little as you like. You control the narrative of your life and career. We work with healthcare organizations nationwide to provide high-quality nursing candidates for various fields. As the top nursing temp agency in northern VA, we provide services to the leading hospitals and clinics across the state.

Choose Nextaff Temp Agency in Northern VA!

Working with a temp agency in northern VA, like Nextaff, on your next nursing assignment will allow you to see what an organization has to offer and how they operate without a long-term commitment on your part. If you don’t like the environment, the coworkers, the administration, or just don’t feel like it’s the place for you, no problem! There is no long-term commitment for employment. Contact Nextaff today to learn more about what we can offer you!

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