When Competing For Top Talent – What Are The Best Strategies?

We’re in the middle of The Great Resignation, with no signs of it slowing in the coming months. Top talent is leaving long-term positions, and there are far more open positions than available workers. That means competition is high for employers, but there are some strategies to consider. With the right workplace culture, small companies can compete with large organizations to bring in talent. Here are some strategies to consider.


Make a Difference

One of the top things new employees look for is a company that makes a difference in the community. They want to see brands that aren’t all talk and have no action. Show how you are involved in a different organization, putting your money back into the community, and being an ally for anyone who needs a voice.


Career Development

New employees want jobs where they can grow. They’ll leave the job for that next opportunity if that’s not possible. Provide avenues for learning new things, advancing skills, and promotions within the organization. Give them access to training programs and personal development opportunities.


Flexible Work

More than ever, flexible work is crucial to attracting and retaining top talent. If work-from-home arrangements aren’t possible, consider offering a hybrid schedule, flexible hours, or extended options for paid time off.


Improved Application Process

According to a recent study by SHRM, 92% of people never finish an online job application. It isn’t because people don’t want to work, but when an online application is complex, they would rather move on to the next opportunity. Many employers will create challenging applications with the hopes of weeding out unqualified people, but it prevents qualified people from applying. Streamline your process to see more quality applicants.


Boost Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand is what attracts new talent to work with you. An employer brand comprises your reputation among current employees and applicants, your social media presence and interactions, and the overall application and interview process. Make this experience positive, including following up, and you’ll find more top talent.


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