Top 5 Leadership Books From 2021

You don’t have to be in a management role to be a leader. Leadership is a skill everyone should hone, and one of the best ways is to focus on personal development through reading. The last year was great for books about leadership, so here are just five that can get you started on your journey and give you the tools to advance your career.   

Ruthless Consistency: How Committed Leaders Execute Strategy, Implement Change, and Build Organization That Win by Michael Canic 

2020 was a year where we all had to accept change. In this book, Canic talks about how to do that while implementing what he called ruthless consistency. Understanding focus, environment, and teams will all help anyone succeed in the future. As a candidate, even if you don’t intend to be an entrepreneur, you can still understand more about the mindset of potential companies where you will apply.   

Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity by Scott Galloway 

COVID-19 affected everyone from the largest global corporations to individual job seekers. Galloway’s book shares how to turn that crisis into an opportunity at all levels. He evaluates the most significant changes across all aspects of business and what the future will look like in a post-COVID world still profoundly affected by the experience.  

Humanocracy: Creating Organizations and Amazing as the People Inside Them By Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini 

Authors Hamel and Zanini look at the current bureaucratic structure in place for most businesses and evaluate how and why there might be a better way. The book showcases data and figures that help support a new business method to make it more human-focused. This book may be a great place to start to learn innovative leadership skills for the new normal.   

How to Lead: Wisdom from the Worlds Greatest CEOs, Founders, and Game Changers by David M. Rubenstein  

Sometimes, just reading what others have done can inspire you to make significant changes in your life. That’s how Rubenstein’s book offers resources for readers. He spoke with leaders from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to give insight into their thought processes to inspire anyone who wants to advance their leadership mindset.  

Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone by Adrienne Bankert 

Bankert talks about one of the most valuable traits candidates and leaders can bring to the table: empathy. Kindness isn’t just how well you get along with people; the book demonstrates how a kind attitude can bring success in business and your career. It helps teams work more effectively, and management understands how everyone works together.   

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