Nationwide Staffing Firm NEXTAFF Adds Denver Office

DENVER – NEXTAFF, an industry leader in providing quality talent for businesses, announced the opening of a new staffing agency location today in Denver.

The Denver office is co-owned and operated by John Snellings and Dane LaRiviere and will serve Denver and the mountain region. The office will focus on caregiver and nurse staffing for long-term care and other healthcare facilities. We fill healthcare roles, including RCA, CNA, CMA, LPN, and RN.

“Nursing and nurse staffing is a greatly needed and an often-under-appreciated profession,” Snellings said. “Through NEXTAFF, we’ll be able to benefit clients, employees, and patients around the Denver metro, touching lives along the way. Our goal is to grow our company becoming one of the most respected providers and a go-to resource in the mountain region.”

NEXTAFF offers a proprietary recruiting method called X-FACTOR™, which combines hiring methodologies that are statistically proven to outperform what typical staffing agency competitors and HR departments traditionally do. This methodology, combined with a robust back-office support structure, allows a staffing franchise office many distinct advantages over someone looking to start their own staffing agency.

“We are pleased that John has selected Denver for his next office,” said Cary Daniel, Co-founder and CEO of NEXTAFF. “He has a wide range of business experience, bringing welcome expertise to the growing Denver market. His partnership with NEXTAFF will give him the support and infrastructure he needs to serve the business community in Denver as well as the surrounding area.”

The office is located at 10303 East Dry Creek Road, Suite 400, Englewood, CO 80112. More information can be found at

“We look forward to building long-term partnerships not only with clients but also with area nursing professionals,” continued Snellings. “With NEXTAFF’s proven process, we’ll be able to identify, evaluate, and acquire quality talent in the Denver Market. This will mean better care for patients and maximum opportunity for our caregiving employees.”



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