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Headshot of Brenda Fratus, Owner of NEXTAFF of North Country - Healthcare
Brenda Fratus, BSN, RN, Certified Train the Trainer

Brenda, a dedicated healthcare professional with a wealth of experience, is embarking on a transformative journey as a business owner. Drawing from her extensive background in nursing and healthcare, Brenda has ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship with a focused dedication to healthcare staffing.

Brenda holds a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, showcasing her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her membership in the esteemed Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing serves as a testament to her dedication to lifelong learning and her resolve to uphold the highest standards in nursing and healthcare overall.

Having spent over two decades as a Registered Nurse, Brenda has honed her skills in various healthcare settings, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of patient care and the demands of the industry. Recognizing the need for well-matched healthcare staffing solutions, Brenda decided to leverage her expertise to establish her own healthcare staffing company.

Brenda’s transition from a seasoned nurse to a business owner seamlessly blends her clinical acumen with her passion for healthcare excellence. Her deep understanding of the industry’s challenges, coupled with her commitment to quality, has positioned her staffing business as a reliable partner for healthcare institutions seeking qualified professionals.

As a new business owner, Brenda is committed to maintaining the same ethical standards, attention to detail, and patient-centric focus that have been the cornerstones of her nursing career. Her unique perspective, gained from years of hands-on experience, ensures that the professionals she places are not only highly skilled but also aligned with the values that drive exceptional patient care.

Brenda’s journey from nursing to business ownership is a testament to her adaptability, leadership, and commitment to making a meaningful impact on the healthcare industry. Through her staffing company, she continues to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals seeking fulfilling opportunities and institutions striving to provide top-notch patient care.

Brenda’s passion for health and fitness rivals her commitment to nursing and the healthcare industry.  Brenda finds her true sense of balance and accomplishment on a different kind of stage – the Women’s master’s Amateur Bodybuilding arena. While her weekdays are filled with strategic meetings and innovative problem-solving, outside of the office she is dedicated to another form of creativity. Bodybuilding isn’t just a physical pursuit; it’s a mental challenge that complements her professional mindset. The discipline, goal setting, and resilience seamlessly align with the dedication required to excel in not only the competitive world of bodybuilding but also entrepreneurship and the business arena.

Headshot of David Heiden, Owner of NEXTAFF of North Country - Healthcare
David Heiden
David Heiden is a seasoned professional with a strong background in leadership, operations, and strategic management. His career spans diverse industries, including education, finance, and member services. He consistently demonstrates a knack for optimizing processes and driving results.

His roles showcase his ability to oversee complex operations, ensuring compliance and effective communication. David emphasizes exceptional client service and swift issue resolution. Notably, he achieved enrollment targets and cultivated high-performing teams. His expertise includes fostering lasting customer relationships and ensuring satisfaction through meticulous tracking.

With a passion for providing education to diverse populations, David is an adjunct instructor teaching business courses for the local White Mountain Community College. When he’s not working or teaching, David enjoys hiking and amateur bodybuilding. He has competed in multiple amateur bodybuilding competitions and hiked the Grand Canyon plus numerous hiking trails in beautiful northern New Hampshire.

David holds an MBA in Project Management. In summary, David Heiden is a results-oriented professional with a proven ability to lead, optimize operations, and foster excellence across diverse industries.


NEXTAFF of North Country

Welcome to NEXTAFF of North Country, your locally owned and operated healthcare staffing agency.  We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled staffing solutions, tailored to the unique needs of healthcare facilities in the North Country, NH area.

With our deep-rooted understanding of the local healthcare landscape and a strong commitment to personalized service, we excel in connecting highly skilled healthcare professionals with the precise requirements of our valued clients.

As a locally owned staffing agency, we have an intimate grasp of the challenges and demands faced by the healthcare industry in our community.  We deeply respect the pivotal role healthcare professionals play in delivering quality patient care, and our passion lies in connecting top-tier healthcare talent with rewarding career opportunities that truly impact lives.

Our team of healthcare staffing professionals is unwavering in their commitment to delivering personalized attention and support throughout the hiring journey.  We invest the time to comprehend the unique needs, organizational ethos and specific prerequisites of our clients to craft tailored staffing solutions that drive success.  Similarly, we collaborate closely with our candidates, considering their career aspirations and expertise to match them with roles where they can excel and make a meaningful difference.

At NEXTAFF of North Country, we take immense pride in our role in fostering the growth and success of the healthcare sector in our community.  We are resolutely dedicated to making a positive impact by connecting exceptional healthcare professionals with the organizations that depend on them the most.







NEXTAFF of North Country recognizes the vital roles that all healthcare professionals play in the success of healthcare organizations. Therefore, we at Nextaff of North Country are committed to addressing these challenges through the development of strategic planning and partnerships. Our comprehensive approach includes recruiting, screening, and hiring quality healthcare talent. This includes licensed nursing assistants (LNAs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs), administrative level healthcare staff and allied healthcare professionals.


Looking for your next job? NEXTAFF of North Country is on your side! At Nextaff, we know that there are many healthcare staffing agencies to work with in the North Country, NH area. We also know that not all staffing agencies are the same. NEXTAFF is here to support your career aspirations in various occupations. Whether you are pursuing opportunities in long-term care facilities, hospitals or clinics, the significance of the hiring process remains unchanged. Partnering with an independently owned and operated staffing agency like NEXTAFF of North Country within your local community, you gain value-added support that streamlines your job search and enhances your prospects. Find your next job today, with NEXTAFF of North Country.



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