5 Signs It’s Time to Grow Your Team

When do you need to add more people to your team? The answer isn’t as simple as growing your business or replacing people who leave. There are many other signs you should look at to determine when you should bring on more employees. Here are the top 5 signs it’s time to grow your team.

Employees are Stressed

Are you noticing that your team’s enthusiasm for the job is flagging? Maybe you see signs of burnout among your staff. If your employees are stressed, motivation is low, and production is suffering, you may want to consider hiring more people. Employee satisfaction is directly related to their work/life balance, so if they’re not performing up to standards, it may be because they’re overworked.

Too Much Overtime

Are you noticing too much overtime in your business? Overtime is costly, and it may be much easier to bring new staff members on board rather than continuing to pay for increased overtime costs. While some of your employees may like to work overtime hours, too much of it will also begin to impact productivity and worker satisfaction. Now is time to create a more balanced workforce.

Hearing Customer Complaints

Do you hear complaints from your customers? If people don’t feel like they’re getting personalized, timely responses, you may need to update your hiring plans. More employees mean that your customers will get the proper attention to make them satisfied and repeat consumers.

Add a New Skill

Technology is continuing to evolve, so it’s vital that you stay on top of the most up-to-date information. Sometimes this means upskilling your current employees, which can call for a replacement at their original level. Other times, you may want to bring on an expert with the new skills you’re looking for so they can jump right in.

Turning Down Business

If you’re finding yourself turning down business, it’s time to expand. Sure, you want only to accept the right business, but if you can’t grow, you’ll never have the opportunity to see what kind of success is available to you in the future.

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