Starting a New Job Can be Nerve-Racking. Learn How to Prepare

Starting a new job is exciting, but it can also be nerve-racking as you focus on making a great first impression. The best thing you do is prepare for making a smooth transition to your new job. Here are some ways to quiet your nerves and plan for a great first day, month, or even year in a new job.

Take Time Off

If you can, make sure there is some time between your previous job and your new one. It’s acceptable to give notice, and while two weeks is considered standard, there is no hard and fast rule. It’s completely fine to tell a new company that your start date will need to be in three or four weeks and only give two weeks to your old employer. Your start and end dates are not something both companies need to know. Then use that time to relax, regroup, and prepare.

Choose Your Outfit

On your first day, choose the right clothes. At this point, you will have learned about the dress code, so be sure to follow it to the letter. It’s always a good idea to err on the side of more professional if you’re uncertain. But also follow the rules as closely as possible. If the dress code is casual, don’t arrive in a suit. But pick a casual outfit that is still clean, in good repair, and professional-looking.

Make a Good First Impression

Everything you do on your first day will be about making a good impression. Some little things will cement it for your new managers and coworkers.

  • Arrive on time
  • Greet every employee you meet
  • Bring a notebook and pen

Ask Questions

Many people are afraid to ask questions in their first few days on the job. They don’t want to appear like they aren’t qualified or ready to start the job. But this can lead to more significant problems in the future when information is misunderstood. Don’t be afraid to ask questions for clarification to help you better understand the job or the company culture.

Be Friendly

Your first few days are a great time to get to know other people in your company. Even if you’re not working directly with someone, be friendly when you cross paths. Maintain a positive attitude and a service mindset to help out when you can. This will make a great first impression throughout the company and with your direct supervisor and coworkers.

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