Effectively Leading a Hybrid Team

The sudden shift to work from home in 2020 has changed the workplace landscape forever. How can you navigate this process with many companies simultaneously managing people in the office and remotely?

Here are a few things you can do as a business leader when working with a hybrid team.


Be Relatable

When you work with people in and out of the office, you must be relatable to everyone, not just the employees you see daily. Make an effort to reach out to your remote team and build a rapport with them, so they feel comfortable coming to you.


Build Trust

Trust will also be an essential part of the process. Your remote team needs to trust that you will manage them the same way as their in-house team. You want your entire team to know you have their back regarding management and negotiations.


Prioritize Communication

As a manager, communication needs to be your top priority. Create methods of communication that reach both your office and remote team. Or, for example, if you have workers who are half-time in the office and at home on an alternating schedule, make sure you don’t communicate something to only half your staff and have it end up in the rumor mill. Use chat, email, and video conferencing when necessary to communicate effectively.


Provide Mentorships

You are an authority figure and an expert on your team. You can provide them with mentorship opportunities. Encourage employees to enhance specific talents that you observe. Give them resources to grow in their positions and for advancement.


Focus on Goals

Everything your team does should be based on shared goals. Career goals should align with corporate goals, and you can track both as your employee’s progress. Make sure goals are being met, both small and large, and provide constructive feedback when necessary as well as encouragement.


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