Should I Hire Seasoned Workers? – 3 Benefits of Looking at a Diverse Workforce

There has long been this idea that hiring younger workers was the ultimate goal for businesses. There were a lot of reasons for this: lower salaries, more trainable, and less potential turnover. But various industries have thrived with a much more seasoned workforce. And hiring workers with a lot more life experience under their belt can be a huge advantage for certain positions. If you’re trying to decide the best bet for hiring in your company, consider these 3 benefits of looking at a more age-diverse candidate pool.  

Stable and Reliable 

One thing you’ll be able to determine about an employee with multiple years of experience is their stability and reliability on the job. With a newer employer, they’re not tested. While they may be seeking stability, you can’t measure their previous experience the way you can a more seasoned employee.  

A more experienced employee will be able to demonstrate their commitment through their resume and references. You can talk to prior coworkers, managers, and supervisors to get a better understanding of their reliability. You may also see a pattern of longer-term employment in their background which shows that they bring stability to the table.  

Years of Experience 

Multiple years of experience in your industry or a similar job also means an employee brings plenty of knowledge to the table. This is information you can mine to use to your company’s advantage. They will be able to hit the ground running only by learning the processes and culture of your business.  

But accessing this knowledge can go much further than their job alone. A more seasoned employee can also act as a mentor to other members of your team. This will stretch their experience further and develop the employees who may have come to your company without a more extensive background. This will only help to increase production on your team.  

Increased Representation  

You’ve probably heard a lot of people encouraging better representation. Having people on your team that represent the diversity of your customer base is important. This includes race and gender, but it can also include age. If your company’s primary customer is an older adult, they may feel frustrated or unheard when they talk to only younger employees of your company.  

More seasoned employees on your team can increase representation and allow for older adults to see your company as a place that understands their point of view and knows what they need for your products or services.  

Could a more seasoned employee be exactly who you need? 

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