What Did Your Business Learn from 2020 and How Can You Grow From it in 2021?

It’s hard to see the positive lessons we learned from 2020. Most of us just want to put the year behind us wash our hands of it. But it’s always good to get a new perspective on our experiences. With such an extreme year in our rear-view mirror, 2021 is an opportunity for you to rethink how your business can move forward. Here are some things you can do it.

Prioritize Relationships

One thing we learned in 2020 is that connection is critical. When we all transitioned to remote work, even temporarily, we knew that we needed to maintain communication and build collaborative systems. This is something that can be telegraphed to all areas of our business even when remote work is no longer necessary. Reach out to people to let them know you’re there.

Create an Agile Workplace

Agile is a term most often used in the context of software development. But the philosophy has a far greater reach than that and it’s something that can be applied to our work environments. When the country faced a shutdown in the spring, and again in the winter, we had to pull together our resources to make remote work possible. Creating systems to make that easier will be critical moving forward.

Increase Trust

Your employees are your greatest asset. And without their buy-in when things were hardest in 2020, it would have been impossible to succeed in such a difficult year. That’s why you need to increase your trust level even as things slowly return to normal. Ditching micromanagement for trusting your employees to produce the results based on their skills will help you get the most out of their talent.

Embrace Innovation

Another aspect of the professional workplace we learned more about this past year was innovation. We utilized tools, such as Zoom, that had been around for a while but weren’t heavily leaned on before. New ideas will always fuel success, so make it a point to watch out for the ways you can develop new and creative ideas and lean on innovative technology to empower your employees.

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