How to Be a Great Manager When You’re New to the Role

Did you start a new leadership role? Becoming part of the management team is a goal for many people, and reaching that milestone is enormous for your career. But it’s okay to feel doubt about your ability to do a good job.

Here are some tips for how to be a great manager when you’re new to the role.


Be Collaborative

One of the best ways to learn your role and improve your leadership skills is to focus on collaboration. Your team was assembled for a reason. Everyone is good at what they do, and you can trust that they are capable. Collaborate with your team for decisions and to coordinate projects. Then delegate tasks based on their skills and interests.


Encourage Growth and Development

Good leaders want people to succeed. You want your employees to have opportunities for growth and development, so encourage them to learn new things. If there are training opportunities in the organization, offer them to your team. Encourage them to learn independently or try new things to make your department more efficient and effective.


Communicate Effectively

Communication is the backbone of any cohesive workplace. Make sure that you’re honing your communication skills as a leader. Be as transparent as possible. Provide timely and constructive feedback. Don’t forget to show gratitude and praise good work. Create an environment where your team is comfortable coming to you with questions or concerns or giving their own opinions or feedback on projects.


Provide Motivation

You are also the biggest cheerleader for your team. Your job is to motivate everyone to do their best work. You can do this through praise and gratitude, providing rewards, assisting when someone needs additional help or encouraging your team to learn new things. M


Avoid Micromanaging

Probably the biggest mistake new leaders make is micromanaging their staff. Micromanaging means that you are constantly over your employee’s shoulders to ensure they’re doing their work the way you want it done. It often comes with a lot of unwarranted criticism about their performance. Instead, trust your team. Focus on the results of the project without worrying about the specific steps.


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