Finding a Job During a Recession

The economy is uncertain, which will be the reality as we move into 2023. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find your next job opportunity. Even in a recession, jobs are available, and you can find what you’re looking for.

Here are some tips to help you find a job during a recession.

Start Early

The key to finding your next job, even during a recession, is to keep going. If you’ve been laid off, don’t take too much time to start looking for your next opportunity. It is still an employee market, meaning you’ll want to be ready and available to start your next position as soon as you find the opportunity. Even in this market, a job search can take some time, so getting started immediately is essential.


Be Public

When you’re on the job market, let people know. You never know where your next opportunity can come from, so tell your network you’re looking for a job. Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your job search. Talk to friends and family; they may know someone hiring in your field. Attend industry events. You can even talk to people you meet while in line at the bank or grocery store about your search.


Stay Confident

Even the best candidates will face rejection during a job search. It’s normal, even if it doesn’t feel great. The key is to stay confident in the process. You are a good candidate with relevant skills, and the right employer will be interested in hiring you. Stay positive and recognize that you may have to break a few eggs to make that omelet.


Create a Backup Plan

Consider your fall-back plan. If you cannot land your next career step right away, think about other ways you can earn some income while you continue searching. Consider applying for temporary positions to make extra money while having flexibility in your schedule to look for a great job. And by applying with a recruiter, you also open yourself up to opportunities that might be the right long-term fit for you.


Apply with a Staffing Agency

Nextaff can work with you to find a great new opportunity. Talk to us about our current openings.

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