Consider Listing These Skills When Updating Your Resume

What are companies looking for in a resume? What skills do you need to bring to the table to be considered for your next open job? When updating your resume, it’s helpful to look at your skills and match them up with the most popular skills employers want. Here are the best skills to include on your resume.



Communication skills have never been more critical. Whether face-to-face, over the phone, via email, or over text, the way we communicate is essential for business. With so much of our work being done over technology channels, companies want to see someone skilled in communication who can demonstrate how they’ve used it effectively.


Computer Skills

Technology is a massive part of our lives, and companies also want to hire people who understand computers and are willing to learn to use different software and platforms. Someone with a firm understanding of the concepts will be able to pick up new tools without much handholding. That is important to employers.


Customer Service

Regardless of the job title, every job is partially based on customer service. Think of a customer as everyone you interact with who is directly impacted by your performance. You want to treat everyone fairly and with kindness no matter the kind of work you’re doing.


Leadership Skills

Not everyone with leadership skills is a manager, but leadership skills are essential to any job. It’s delegating tasks, motivating people, and efficiently managing projects. Leadership skills will be necessary as you continue to grow your career.


Time Management

Time is money, so knowing how to manage your time daily will be essential for employers to see. Someone who routinely misses deadlines or needs their hands held throughout a project won’t be a successful candidate. Be sure to showcase how you manage your time effectively to be reliable and efficient.


Problem Solving Skills

Every open job is a problem that needs to be solved. Your first test for your application is to show a potential employer why you’re the right candidate for this job or the solution to their problem. You need to demonstrate how your problem-solving skills have benefited your previous employers.


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