Critical Skills For First Time Manager

Moving to a leadership position is an exciting time. But as a first-time manager, you probably have questions about how to succeed. There are some critical skills you’ll need to excel in your new role. The good news is – you probably already have them. Here are the essential management skills for beginners just starting as first-time managers.

Five Skills Managers Need To Develop


Planning and preparation are the cornerstones of productivity. As a manager, you’re in charge of all the high-level planning, ensuring every task is done to your satisfaction. Of course, the plan’s specific details will vary depending on the task at hand, but you’ll need to hone those skills to ensure that things don’t fall through the cracks.


Organization is as much about physical space as it is about time management. In a management role, you’ll set the standard for both. You will need to organize teams to ensure you have the right people doing the right jobs. You’ll have to manage the workspace for optimal efficiency. And you’ll have to plan your calendar to ensure everything is done on time every time.


Every good manager knows that what they do day to day wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of their team. Bad managers sometimes get caught up in the idea that they have it do it themselves to have something done right. But that’s not how things are done effectively in business. You want to delegate tasks based on the skills and abilities of your team, so you’re utilizing your talent effectively.


Good managers also empower their team to be excited about their work. It’s the opposite of micromanagement, where you oversee every tiny detail by breathing down the necks of your employees. Empowerment gives them ownership of their work. You trust that they can accomplish the task because they are qualified to do it.

Decision Making

In your management role, you’ll also need to make decisions. They can be large-scale decisions or small-scale ones, but decisions are a vital part of your job. You will need to engage active listening skills, self-awareness, and critical thinking to help you make essential decisions for various factors throughout your career.

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