4 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Job Search Organized

Job searching can be overwhelming. It’s not unusual to have a lot of irons in the fire and apply for multiple jobs at different times. It’s crucial to stay organized to know where each position is in the process and how to follow up. Here are some helpful tips for managing your time and keeping your job applications organized.

Create a Spreadsheet

There’s nothing like an old-fashioned spreadsheet to help you stay organized. It’s easy to set up. Create a spreadsheet with headings for company, job title, date of application, date of follow-up, and outcome. You can add any other details you want to keep track of, including a space just for your notes. This way, when you can cross-reference other opportunities and make sure you’ve followed up when you’re supposed to on any leads.

Use Google Drive and Calendar

Suppose you want access to your spreadsheet while away from your home computer. It is helpful to put it online in a place like Google Drive. You can create the spreadsheet directly in your Google Drive, and you can look at it from your phone anywhere you need to pull up new information. You can also use Google Calendar to ensure that you keep track of important dates and appointments, such as interviews and follow-ups.

Set Up Job Alerts

In your job search, take advantage of the job alert function. When you sign up for a job-hunting website, be sure to click on the button to receive emails when similar jobs become available. You can also set up a Google alert when things appear with specific keywords, such as the names of companies you want to work with, job titles, or your city.

Work with a Recruiter

It never hurts to have multiple resources. Working with a recruiter will give you another avenue to find your next job opportunity. Once you apply, they will match your skill to open jobs from the companies they work with. You can even do short-term assignments to earn extra money and build a great relationship with your recruiter.

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