Important Skills Needed to Be Successful in the Workplace

Employers are looking for talent right now. Open jobs outnumber applicants, but you still need to bring the necessary skills to the table. Today’s workplace is collaborative and technological, but what other skills should you bring to the table. Here are the essential skills you need for the modern workplace to find your next opportunity.

Active Listening

Active listening isn’t just about communication, though it is an essential part. As humans, we tend to listen to someone else only as long as it takes for us to form an answer. That means we often tune out anything else that’s said. Active listening is about being fully present for the other person. Engage with them by repeating what they’ve said back to ensure you’ve understood and asked questions for clarification.

Problem Solving

Companies are often only as good as the last problem they solve. That means you need to bring problem-solving skills to the table. How would you approach a problem? How do you take responsibility for your actions and determine the best solution? How are you able to work with a team to accomplish a better outcome?

Critical Thinking

Similarly, critical thinking is an essential part of the workplace. Employers want to know that you take steps to think about every situation with a critical eye, see it from all angles, and develop ideas and solutions around the core situation. Critical thinking is an objective analysis rather than one informed explicitly by your expectations.

Time Management

Companies also don’t want to work with employees who rush, avoid deadlines, or procrastinate. Good time management skills will help an employer see that you can work efficiently and manage your own time. Practical skills help you do this, including keeping a planner or calendar and checking off a daily “To Do” list.


Today’s workplace is highly collaborative. This is an evolution and partially due to the shift in generations currently working. But companies want to see their employees working together to accomplish a common goal. Healthy competition is good, but ultimately the entire team needs to be on the same page and work well together.

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