Learn Why It’s Important to Have Empathy in the Workplace

We’ve heard a lot about empathy lately. It’s the way people understand the feelings of others. At its core, it’s about putting yourself in their shoes to see their perspective. Many people are rightfully wondering if this critical social skill is being lost through online communication platforms and other interactions, but it isn’t. It’s time to cultivate empathy in the workplace to improve your employees’ performance, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Improve Communication

Empathy helps communication flourish. Often, we listen only long enough to formulate a response. Instead, use active listening skills to hear what others are saying. Repeat it back to ensure that you’ve understood. Then think about the conversation before responding. This reduces conflict and raises comprehension.

Strengthen Relationships

No one in your workplace works in a bubble. Even the most heads-down worker needs to interact with others. Encouraging empathy will allow your employees to see why people communicate the way they do and adjust their responses as necessary. This will help improve relationships and reduce tension between coworkers.

Boost Innovation

It’s interesting to note that empathy also has a direct correlation with creativity in the workplace. When people approach a problem with different mindsets, they are more likely to evaluate all the possible solutions and work together. Keeping an open mind when discussing creative problem solving will allow for more innovative solutions.

Enhance Customer Service

Empathy is also critical when it comes to providing the best customer service. They say the customer is always right, but that isn’t exactly true. The customer always comes to the table with specific preconceived notions, and it’s up to you and your team to help them better understand the situation and find a possible resolution.

Hire Quality Candidates

You can also use your skills with empathy in the interview process to help you find out more about potential candidates. Rather than focusing entirely on you or describing the job details, take time to ask the candidate about themselves. They’ll let you know what motivates them, their goals, and how they can fit in with your company culture.

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