What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Manager?

How do you communicate with your management team? Your manager is a knowledgeable resource for your career satisfaction and future goals. So what questions should you be asking your manager to create a better workplace experience for you and your coworkers? Here are a few things that can get you started.

How Do We Create an Ideal Workflow?

Your manager has a vision for how tasks will be completed within your department. While it is their job to communicate that to you, you can prompt the information by asking direct questions. By asking how to create an ideal workflow, you can establish task lists and delegate appropriately to the entire team to meet the department’s goals.

What Are Your Expectations?

Similarly, asking about their expectations can help you manage yours. Managers are human too, and sometimes they get an idea in their head, but the reality looks a lot different. By determining their expectations, you can adjust to meet or exceed them without having to redo work that you’d already completed.

What Performance Goals Should I Set?

Even if your boss is a great communicator, you can increase your effectiveness by asking questions relating specifically to your job. Before your next review, be proactive. Ask your manager what performance goals they would like you to set and accomplish. That way, you can determine if other things can help you succeed.

What Career Advice Would You Give me?

Managers also like to feel useful. By asking them their professional opinion on your career path, you will demonstrate your trust. They want to know that you value what they have to say. More importantly, when they provide advice that can help you succeed, act on it. Take it under advisement, make changes that will improve your work today.

What Do You Love Most About Your Job?

Sometimes communication is just about validation. Managers are told to show gratitude to their staff, but appreciation is rarely returned. By asking them about their job, what they’re doing, and what they love, you can learn how best to work with them in the future.

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