Have you thought much about your LinkedIn profile lately? This online professional networking platform helps connect talent to hiring managers every day. It’s helpful to have a complete profile to build your brand and find new opportunities in your field. Here are a few easy-to-use tips that can help you improve your LinkedIn presence.

Tell Your Story

Storytelling is how we connect. When we communicate with others, we tell stories. Your LinkedIn profile should also tell your professional story. It can be more comprehensive than a resume, and you can use the summary section to paint a picture of who you are, what you do, and why someone should consider you for their business.

Know Your Audience

With a resume, you can adapt it to fit different job descriptions. A LinkedIn profile is a little broader, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be vague. Instead, think about your ideal employer or the kind of person you would want to connect with. Use that image in your head as a target audience for creating and completing your profile.

Use Keywords

You know you have to have keywords on your resume to be searched by companies that use applicant tracking systems. The same is true for LinkedIn. Like any social media, users can search for various words and phrases to help them find people or companies that match their needs. Using keywords in your LinkedIn profile can help you get found by employers or recruiters.

Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn also prioritizes complete profiles when returning the results of a specific search. That means, even if you are incredibly qualified for someone’s job, if your profile isn’t complete, they may not see it. LinkedIn provides a meter to see how much more you need to fill out before it’s considered finished.

Create a Stellar Headline

Finally, it’s essential to know what potential employers see first when searching on LinkedIn. The first impression is your headline. In most cases, this defaults to the title of your most recent job, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can edit your headline to be more dynamic and even let people know what kind of job you want.

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