Follow These 5 Tips to Have a Successful Second Interview

Once you’ve made it past the first interview, you’re probably feeling pretty relieved. But what happens when you get called for a second interview. Even though you may feel like you’re more prepared, there is a lot more riding on this meeting, and you need to keep up the momentum. If you follow these tips, you’ll be in a great position to ace your second interview.

Ask for the Agenda

Second interviews are often formalities intended to have you meet with other managers or potential coworkers. Before your meeting, ask for an agenda so you can prepare. They will likely tell you the titles of the people with whom you’ll be meeting. This will help you determine if there are specific questions or talking points you want to cover.

Learn About Your Interviewers

When you find out about the people you’ll be meeting with, take some time to learn more about them. If there is a bios section of the website, start there. Checked LinkedIn to see what you can find out about their professional background and prepare accordingly.

Review Previous Notes

Regardless of how much time you’ve had between the first and second interviews, it’s always a good idea to review your notes from the first meeting. This will refresh what you’ve talked about before. If you didn’t take notes in the interview, that’s fine. It’s a good idea to jot them down when you arrive home to review them later.

Dress Appropriately

Most people err on the side of professional for a first interview unless specifically directed to do otherwise. For the second interview, you can ask your interviewer directly what’s expected in terms of wardrobe. Take cues from the rest of the office. Dress to fit in or, if you’re unsure what’s appropriate, wear professional or business casual clothes.

Prepare Questions for Interviewers

When interviewing, you should always have questions to ask that will help you determine more about the job and the fit. Before the second interview, use your first interview to choose questions that dive deeper into the company culture, expectations, and long-term goals.

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