LinkedIn is still considered the most critical online professional network. It’s made up entirely of other professionals, many in your industry or who are hiring, and your profile can help attract potential employers. How you present yourself on LinkedIn can result in positive feedback and potential opportunities from companies you want to work with. Here are five ways you can use LinkedIn to improve your career.  

Maximize your headline.  

You have one chance to make a first impression. On your LinkedIn profile, that means your headline. This is what shows up when you are in anyone’s search results. Some people let it default to their current job title, but you can do more with it. For example, if you’re looking for a job, you can change your headline to read something like: “Administrative Professional with 15 Years’ Experience Specializing in Organizational Optimization Seeking New Opportunity.”  

Join Groups 

LinkedIn, like Facebook, has groups for everything. The LinkedIn platform was one of the first to do it successfully. It can be helpful to join groups related to your location, industry, or other interests. Many people find it beneficial to be a part of an alumni group within their city to expand their networks.  

Share Useful Information  

If you don’t participate in social media, you aren’t maximizing it. If you want people to click on your profile, you want them to see that you’re providing value. Post articles you find interesting, updated information, or share social posts on your LinkedIn, so people know that you’re engaged.  

Accept Connections 

Accepting connections can be tricky. Do you accept every connection sent your way? Some people believe you should. Others urge you to accept only people you have met personally. There is also a middle ground. You can accept connections based on how you could potentially help one another even if you’ve never met.  

Ask for Recommendations 

Employers will still ask for references when they complete the hiring process, but it can help kick-start their curiosity to see good recommendations on your LinkedIn page. They will know how you interact with others professionally and how your services are perceived. Don’t be afraid to ask people you’ve worked with to write recommendations for you.  

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