6 Effective Team-Building Tips for Managers

Team-building is an integral part of success in the workplace. But every manager has a different idea about effective team-building processes. You may host annual events, encourage ice breakers, and even take retreats. But not everyone loves these activities, and with COVID-19 changing the way we handle groups, you may need to have more creative thinking when planning. Here are some tips and strategies to help you.

Spend Less

Team-building doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You don’t have to book weekend retreats or expensive entertainment. Focus on local, inexpensive activities that will give your team more time to spend together.

Stay Positive

Team-building should be a positive experience. And positivity is contagious. If you’re excited, others will be excited too. Create an environment that encourages your employees to be enthusiastic about the activities and participation.

Accommodate Everyone

You should also recognize that different people in your organization may have different needs or ideas about group activities. It’s not a personality flaw if someone simply doesn’t like the activity that you’ve planned. Pick activities that meet the common denominators.

Stay Professional

Team building activities should focus on developing professional relationships in your office. Stay professional, even when doing a fun social activity, to make sure inappropriate lines are not crossed. You want to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Go Virtual
With current concerns about health and safety, you can add remote activities to your list. Everyone today is more comfortable with services like Zoom, so THAT you can organize a fun happy hour or even a virtual tour of a famous landmark or museum.

Get Input

Don’t miss out on the best resource for determining team-building activities. Your employees will have great ideas for what they want to do and how they can develop better professional relationships with their coworkers.

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