WG Yates & Sons Construction Company has utilized Nextaff for the past several months. Nextaff provided us with exactly what we requested based on qualifications and a personality and work ethic match for our Office & Field needs. They were timely, professional and paid great attention to detail while conducting their search. When WG Yates had exhausted several other avenues searching for contract labor & office staff needs, we found that Nextaff was more than willing to take the time and effort to provide WG Yates & Sons Construction Company whatever it took to get the job done.

We knew that this specific personnel request would be much more challenging than any because there were many unseen variables in place. We needed office personnel and a cleanup crew. The amount of people needed changed daily. Each person had to be granted access to the military base and pass a complete background check, and they worked on badging well ahead of time so as not to delay Yates production well before they were even able to begin the job. In order to gain entry, they had to have a clean background, reliable transportation and insurance on their vehicles. They also needed proper safety equipment and attire, which they provided, and made sure our safety requirements were met.

Nextaff did an excellent job filling our needs where all other agencies failed. Nextaff found and obtained quality employees for The Seabee Base and Nextaff Staff continues to maintain great working relationships with all superintendents to ensure the quality of their employees work met all our needs.

We recommend Nextaff for any required position and trust they will meet and exceed your expectations, whether it be Executive, Administrative, Skilled or Unskilled labor. They have proven to be versatile, responsive and a very valuable asset to Yates Construction. We currently have a “hassle-free” Nextaff crew operating on one of our job sites and will add more Nextaff employees as our needs arise. Nextaff Gulf Coast is a reliable organization and we look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.

-Wendy W., Office Manager